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Every Estimator Should Use Pricing Software

February 26, 2018

As estimators, we already have enough to remember when accurately pricing a bid. It's important that our software is providing the most cutting-edge features to keep us above the competition. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, Cost Estimators held about 217,900 jobs in 2016, and of those salaried employees, 1 in 4 worked more than a 40 hour week. This may seem obvious, but with all of the factors that affect cost (reading technical documents, calculating, analyzing, adjusting estimates, maintaining records of reducing cost, working with sales teams to prepare estimates and bids, etc), additional time is often needed to check and recheck pricing data to ensure it's accurate and up to date.

If you have a 30k item estimating database, and you or your employee cost about $75/hour to employ, a few extra hours on top of your work week can really add up. Time is money. Those extra hours could go towards pricing and consequently, winning more bids. How much is this time really costing you? Download this guide to find out more!

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