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What’s New with ProjectSight + MEP? (A Lot!)

Trimble ProjectSight is construction project management software for budget and cost management, document control, field management, and drawings, specifications, and BIM management designed for contractors.  

Here are some of the recently released features that highlight how ProjectSight keeps getting better.

Key New Features 

  • ProjectSight & Estimation MEP Potential Change Orders Connected Workflow: ProjectSight is now integrated with Estimation MEP, allowing users to more easily price a potential change order (PCO). Now, ProjectSight includes a link to send PCO records to Estimation MEP, reducing the amount of clicks and double-data entry needed. Watch this short video to learn more about this workflow. Note, this feature is only available to ProjectSight for MEP users.

  • Budget Module Now Includes Units, Quantities and Hours: Now users can track units, quantities and hours in a project budget and even customize their Units of Measure (UOM) in the project settings in order to meet the needs of the project or trade. 

Please note: users must enable the ability to track units and hours in their project settings. Please see the ProjectSight release notes for instructions.


  • Link Photos to Records Across the Project: Users no longer need to enable the Photos module in the portfolio settings, it is now automatically available for all users. Link photos to records across projects including issues, RFIs, change orders and more. 

  • More Flexible Statusing Permission: Administrators can now optionally configure which security roles can select workflow statuses and what users can do in the record when it has a workflow status. For example, Administrators can choose who on the team can mark a record “Closed” and what edits can be made to a record with that status. 

Additional Enhancements 

  • Email Reminders for ProjectSight Assignments: Increase the likelihood of ProjectSight assignments being completed on time by using this new feature to set up email reminders for assignments that are due soon or overdue. 

  • Signature Items Now Available in Checklist Templates:  In checklist templates, you can add signature items. When you create a checklist from the template, the fields in the signature item are read-only in the web application. You can complete the fields and add a signature in the ProjectSight mobile app.

  • Select Multiple Specs in the Spec Sections: In the spec sections setting, check boxes have been added so that it's easier to select multiple spec sections for deletion.

Availability of ProjectSight Enhancements

These enhancements are available now in ProjectSight, part of the ProjectSight for MEP subscription.

For more information, or to request a demo, please contact us at