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What’s New with VDC Pro+?

Better construction starts with MEP detailing! Don’t miss these latest updates to VDC Pro+, including more accurate modeling, easy content management, enhanced tracking and visibility, and more!

Read on to see see what's new with the fabrication favorite from Trimble MEP.

SysQue: Faster, More Accurate Modeling

New updates for SysQue include Flex Pipe - so you don't have to bother with modeling fittings you don't need. With Flex Pipe, you can accurately model and report flexible or bendable pipe – any angle, length and radius.

Coordinate and accurately procure bendable and flexible pipe natively with Trimble Integrations for more accurate and efficient radiant flooring, refrigeration, pex and instrument tubing.

Model Flexible Pipe Accurately with Flex Pipe

Fast, Easy Data and Content Management with Curate Search

Data and content management are the backbones of BIM and your SysQue experience. Keeping data and content up to date, particularly when adding new parts and fittings, shouldn’t be cumbersome and time-consuming.

We’ve made adding content to your library easy and more efficient with Curate Search, a new window for adding fittings with search criteria for manufacturer, material, product, subproduct, install type and components. Parts populate in seconds; selecting and adding them to your library is as easy as a click of a button.

New Fittings and Functionality

Now you can model your Kick 90° scenarios with ease using SysQue's new specialty fitting! Enjoy the efficiency of having your mark value automatically populated in your spools and ready for bending your Hand or Machine Kick 90.

Additionally, new improvements to the Delete Pipe feature let you model faster. With the click of a button, you can change fittings without sacrificing slope, efficient connections or associated metadata.

Connect2Fab: Enhanced Visibility and Tracking

Track Spools Beyond Fabrication

Connect2Fab now supports tracking spool status from fabrication to installation. The spool status dropdown menu now features Fabricated, Shipped and Installed options for better, more robust tracking throughout the construction process.

Move Seamlessly Between Spool Editing and Viewing

After you edit a spool and exit the process, Connect2Fab now returns you to the previous view and model position so you can navigate easily between editing and viewing spools.

Supplier Xchange: Streamlined Purchasing

Alternate Pricing from Distributors

Supplier Xchange now offers alternate pricing for similar parts from preferred distributors, so you can confirm post-bid prices with distributors and choose an alternative part before you buy.

Want to learn more? Join the product experts for an in-depth walk-through of everything new with VDC!