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What’s New With Trimble LiveCount Digital Takeoff Software?

Trimble LiveCount™ cloud-based digital takeoff software is designed to help electrical contractors create estimates faster, easier, and more accurately. Taking off drawings is probably the most time-consuming part of an estimator's job. That’s why each month, we introduce new features and improvements to our LiveCount software to help save you time and make takeoff a breeze – or at least a bit less tedious!

Here are some of the recently released features that highlight how LiveCount keeps getting better.

Key New Feature: Layer Templates

Increased efficiency: The new Layer Templates feature saves significant time, particularly for users who perform takeoff first, then link their annotations to their estimate. Users can now set up different Layer Templates for different types of jobs in Settings.

How it works: After creating a new job, users can open the Manage Layers side panel and simply import one or multiple layer templates into their current job, thereby eliminating the need to manually create layers for each annotation/group of annotations. Watch the video to learn more.

Additional Enhancements

Drawings Management Improvements

Auto Rename Drawings Edits: When using the Auto Rename feature, you can manually edit the suggested drawing name to correct invalid/missing characters or if you want to further customize the drawing name.

Auto Rename Drawings Progress Indicator: When the user has selected the drawings to automatically rename and starts the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) process, the progress indicator will now include a percentage so that the user has a better understanding of how long the process might still take to complete.

Annotation Improvements

  • Create Job Styles on the Fly: During the Takeoff process, users are now able to create styles on the fly from the Annotation Details side panel. These styles will be created as Job Styles for the current job. Watch the video to learn more.

  • Adder Details: When adders are used for a length measurement, the Annotation Details side panel will now display the count of adders and the corresponding lengths, providing greater visibility for improved accuracy assurance. Watch the video to learn more.
  • Dimension Tool on Detached Windows: Users can now leverage the Dimension Tool on secondary/detached windows, for greater flexibility and faster takeoff.
  • Isometric Takeoff Add to Run Option: It’s now faster and easier to adjust Count and Length annotations on drawings with a Not To Scale / Isometric Scale by using the Add to Run option.
  • Point Text Improvements: Users can now customize the text color and the background color of Point Text for easier viewing and clearer communication. Note: By default, the Point Text will not be displayed for uncounted points.


Trimble LiveCount is included in the Accubid Anywhere and Accubid Classic Estimating Essentials subscriptions.

For more information, or to request a demo, please contact us!