Trimble FastTest and Office Customer FAQ

October 5, 2020

The aim of this document is to provide you with clarity around the options that you have available to you during this transition period. Rather than retire our FastTest solution, we wanted to provide you with the option to migrate to the next generation of testing and certification software. The new solutions that are detailed within, are available to purchase on subscription. This is a new way for Trimble MEP to offer software so read on for further details of the new software solutions and how they will benefit your business. 


As a Trimble FastTest and Office customer what are my options now?

1. Upgrade to NAPIT FastTest before 30th November 2020

As a Trimble FastTest customer, if you agree to upgrade to NAPIT FastTest before 30th November 2020, you are entitled to a special introductory discount. This discount will be equivalent to the remaining value of your existing Trimble FastTest support contract, deducted from the cost of 12 months subscription to NAPIT FastTest - £120 +VAT per license.

Your Office software also entitles you to a special introductory discount to the NAPIT FastTest solution. You are eligible to subscribe to NAPIT FastTest for £120 +VAT (£195 +VAT RRP to non-Trimble customers) per year, if you purchase on or before your Office service contract end date. 

You may choose to replace all of your Trimble FastTest licenses (including the licenses within Office) with NAPIT FastTest at once in November, or you may choose to move the standalone FastTest licenses in November and the ones included within Office at the end of your Office support contract end date. Whichever suits your business needs better, Trimble and NAPIT representatives are happy to assist you.


Example 1:

2. Subscribe to a new Trimble Electrical Designer 2D bundle at a time appropriate to your business 

Although renewal of Office is no longer possible after 1st November 2020 due to the discontinuation of FastTest, the other products in your Office bundle will continue to be developed by Trimble but will now be available to purchase on subscription. If you would like to continue benefiting from the latest versions of ProDesign, Protect and SingleCable you can subscribe to Trimble Electrical Designer 2D Base, which contains multi-region versions of ProDesign 25, Protect HV and SingleCable Pro for just £425 +VAT per year. The brand new multi-region feature enables you not only perform complex calculations compliant with the latest IET Wiring Regulations but also to IEC, VDE, ME (ADDC and DEWA) and NEN.

3. Continue to use your Trimble FastTest and Office bundle

You can of course continue to use Trimble FastTest and Office, but it will be at your own risk as there will be no further data, content or software updates to the Office suite of products, including FastTest, after your support contract end date. Your support contract will not be capable of renewal after 1st November 2020 and will terminate on your support contract end date. You may decide to subscribe to NAPIT FastTest at any time but will not get the benefit of the special introductory FastTest and Office customer price offers if you do so after your support contract end date.  

Example 2:

What are the benefits that come with moving from my current software to subscription?

The move to subscription offers you a cost-effective route to continuous, supported access to the latest versions of the solutions and functionality that mean the most to your business. They are also delivered with new and enhanced features, with network capability as standard. Whether you prefer monthly direct debit or annual payment, subscription products simplify your route of access to software purchase, support, content and renewal, making the whole process more convenient for you.  

How much do the new subscription products cost?

For pricing and feature-set details of the Trimble Electrical Designer 2D bundles please follow this link.

How do I contact a NAPIT representative, my Trimble account manager or a member of the Sales team?

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