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What is Trimble Construction One for MEP Contractors?

You already know how complicated and frustrating it is to get the information you need for your job from other teams on your construction project, or you wouldn’t be reading this.

Whether it’s getting access to the most recent project files and documentation, tracking the current status of a job, or having the information you need to make a critical, real-time decision —it only gets harder as construction gets more complex.

That’s why connected construction is such a hot topic these days.

What is connected construction?

Connected Construction occurs when project stakeholders are informed and get access to the information and context they need, across systems, when and where they need it.

Trimble Construction One connects the construction process with solutions that connect different stakeholders groups in a construction organization. For example, capabilities within the Trimble Construction One VDC Pro+ solution now let MEP detailers share the model so it can be leveraged downstream by stakeholders in the estimating, procurement, and fabrication departments.

Trimble Construction One is a connected solution suite that simplifies your technology stack and streamlines the construction workflow experience for every role and stakeholder—from design to done.

Trimble Construction One lets project stakeholders work in their core software programs and access the information they need, when and where they need it.

For example, a detailer can create a 3D model in SysQue detailing software and use it to create a bill of materials (BOM) which can then be sent straight to Supplier Xchange (no data re-entry required!) for the purchaser to access. The purchaser can now send it out for a quote, validate pricing, search for alternates, and place an order. The PO can then be sent directly into a Viewpoint Vista or Spectrum ERP.

And then everyone can log off and get home for dinner on time.

Read on to see:

Who is Trimble Construction One for?

Trimble Construction One was built to provide just the right solutions an employee at an MEP contractor needs to perform their job and get access to the right information they need, while providing collaborative, efficient workflows.

Trimble Construction One has solutions for:

  • Estimators
  • Detailers
  • Purchasers and procurement managers
  • Project Managers
  • Fabrication shop supervisors/managers
  • Field supervisors/managers
  • Field crews
  • Service technicians and service managers
  • Accounting professionals
  • HR professionals

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Let’s explore some specific examples of how Trimble Construction One is helping these roles.

How Can MEP Estimators Use Trimble Construction One?

Estimators are on the hook for tight deadlines, precise accuracy, and managing a lot of detail coming in.

Trimble Construction One estimating solutions provide the tools estimators need to accurately create estimates, facilitate collaboration and information-sharing with team members and profitably bid and win more work – all in one value-packed subscription.

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The connected takeoff software helps to automate repetitive, manual counting tasks and sends that detail back into the estimate reducing the opportunity for error. Estimators also get access to  up-to-date product and pricing data resulting in a more accurate estimate.

Project collaboration and turnover is also made easier by leveraging Trimble Connect as the central data repository, providing a single location for project information including drawings and other files. This ensures everyone is working off of the same project details, and once the project has been won, it ensures a much more efficient, effective turnover process for project management.

How Can MEP Detailers Use Trimble Construction One?

Detailers put a lot of time into the model. That time pays off when it translates to real world items and specifications, and is then leveraged downstream in the project for coordination, fabrication, procurement, and installation.

That’s a lot of stakeholders the detailer has to coordinate with ... and if they’re all not working off of the same model, it could mean a lot of phone calls and emails the detailer has to grapple with.

The answer lies in the democratization of the model.

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Trimble Construction One makes it easy for the detailer to create a model, then directly send it to project management, fabrication, and procurement applications for project stakeholders such as the project manager, fabrication shop manager, or purchaser to access.

Trimble Construction One ensures these roles have access to the applications they need to access the model detail that they need in their role–without requiring access to an expensive modeling platform.

From there, these stakeholders can view the model, detect clashes, track and report on issues and status, order from the model, and more. Collaboration is easier when everyone is looking at the same model; and in the case of fabrication, the shop can even edit or create spools as needed—without going back to the detailer.

How Can Purchasers Use Trimble Construction One?

Supplier Xchange, part of Trimble Construction One, is a digital quote and order management solution that helps contractors improve productivity and profitability by establishing a digital connection with local suppliers, such as Ferguson.

Contractors benefit from seamless quoting, pricing, and ordering processes with data that easily connects to the estimating software, Viewpoint accounting ERP, ProjectSight project management software, and more.

Using Supplier XChange, MEP contractors can access up-to-date material item details, generate quotes and compare pricing across multiple suppliers, source alternates, and even purchase directly from the Bill of Materials (BOM). Integrations with Trimble Accubid Anywhere and SysQue make it possible to send the BOM straight from the estimate or model into the Supplier Xchange platform where it can be accessed by the purchasing team.

By digitizing the procurement process, there’s no manual data entry or missing information on quotes, which results in much faster ordering.

In a world where material prices and lead times are constantly fluctuating, MEP contractors need every advantage they can get. With direct connections to suppliers, you can access the most up-to-date pricing and product details, find the best pricing and materials, and negotiate discounts for purchasing in bulk across multiple projects.

Plus…the Trimble Supplier Xchange Network is constantly building integrations with companies like Ferguson Data for seamless quotes, pricing, and orders. We’re working hard on building and collaborating on even more connections in 2024.

What kind of MEP project data is connected by Trimble Construction One?

Trimble Construction One for MEP goes beyond detailing, estimating, purchasing. We also offer solutions for project managers, field and shop supervisors, field-based fabricators can all get their hands on connected data and workflows:

  • 3D Models
  • Contract Drawings
  • Specs
  • Addendums
  • Notices / Directives from CM
  • Job Cost Data
  • RFI’s
  • Submittals
  • Progress Photos
  • Daily Logs
  • Fabrication Status
  • Test Reports
  • Timesheets

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What are some connected construction workflows that MEP contractors can do with Trimble Construction One?

  • Project file management: Ensure all project stakeholders know where to get the most recent project files and information with a shared file management system and repository that connects into the estimating, modeling, and project management software.
  • Bid to buyout: Utilize the estimate to create a bill of materials (BOM) that can be sent to the procurement platform for quoting and ordering. Once confirmed, sync line item detail into the ERP.
  • Model-based procurement: Utilize the model to create a BOM that can be sent to the procurement platform for quoting and ordering. Once confirmed, sync line item detail into the ERP.
  • Field-driven fabrication: After a model has been created, send it directly into the collaboration platform for project managers and shop supervisors to view, edit, and modify fabrication spools and track fabrication progress.
  • Model-based status tracking: Utilize the model to view the status of what has been fabricated, shipped, and installed directly within the model without requiring expensive design software - and more!

When data is connected, you can rest assured that you’re working with the most up-to-date information, where you need it.

What else does Trimble Construction One do for MEP contractors?

There are other benefits to being part of Trimble’s connected data ecosystem:

  • A common data environment
  • One secure login with Trimble ID
  • One subscription contract
  • Access to all of the tools you need to do the jobs to be done

With Trimble Construction One, your people, projects, and processes are connected—so you have increased visibility, productivity, and profitability into your business.

To see how Trimble Construction One can evolve your MEP construction business, talk to us today.

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