Work Faster With ProDesign 3D’s New Circuit Management Feature

ProDesign 3D software is a hugely useful tool for electrical engineers and contractors, as it enables highly-detailed 3D models to be created and calculated, using integrated, compliant manufacturer-specific datasets. As a Revit plugin ProDesign 3D offers cutting-edge digital engineering design solutions within a single digital workflow. 

However, we’re here to tell you that it just got even better! That’s because it now includes a new circuit management feature which significantly reduces the time required to route cables whilst maintaining high levels of accuracy with comprehensive circuit and containment management.


Design Challenges

We understand a frustrating problem for designers has always been cable routing, especially on large multi-discipline projects. It’s labour-intensive, time-consuming and it’s a task that will inevitably need to be done many times before project completion. With ProDesign 3D you no longer have to break your workflow to manually work and rework cable routes using 2D printouts and multiple electrical services layout drawings.

Electrical designs change for a variety of reasons throughout their lifecycle and maintaining the integrity of the design can be tricky. Add into this the need to identify changes and communicate precise circuit details quickly and clearly with others working on the project, it becomes obvious that there must be a better way. 


An Innovative Solution

This newest evolution of ProDesign 3D offers the user a raft of new functionality to make the design process quicker and smoother for everyone involved. Developing the following new feature set has only been made possible by listening to feedback from our customers:

  • Circuits can be automatically and manually routed 

  • Routing of all circuit types in Revit including ring circuits is now possible

  • Circuits can be assigned to containment

  • The circuit’s route through containment can be viewed at the click of a button

  • Circuit details can be viewed in containment dialogue boxes

  • Circuit weights and dimensions can be auto-calculated using ProDesign 3D’s cable database and compliant calculation engine

  • Auto-populating annotation tags can be placed on containment showing all circuits running through

What all these features add up to is software that is virtually unmatched within the industry and represents a UK first for this type of product. From the feedback we’ve had from renowned UK engineering consultants and design & build contractors, we can already tell that this latest update is extremely well received. 

In a world where time is money, the benefits of this development are obvious, as it will save so much time for contractors and consultants alike.


Already Feature-Rich Software

This new update is a very useful addition, but what shouldn’t be forgotten is that Trimble ProDesign 3D was already a versatile and compliant tool for electrical contractors and engineers. It is constantly reviewed and updated in line with all the latest IET Wiring Regulations so you can be confident in the compliance of your ProDesign 3D designs. 

Enabling the user to create highly-detailed 3D models with integrated calculations and large manufacturer datasets that are vital to an efficient workflow, it’s software that no electrical professional should be without.


Using ProDesign 3D you can also:

  • Create fully calculated 3D designs in Revit

  • Detect non-compliance

  • Generate 2D schematics in ProDesign

  • Use ProDesign settings to configure other devices

  • Produce reports


ProDesign 3D has always been a software platform that makes the design process easier for those who need it. This latest enhancement provides improved productivity tools for quick, precise circuit routing and extensive circuit management in Autodesk Revit.


Want to Know More?

If you’d like to know more about ProDesign 3D and all of the new productivity boosting functionality it offers for design professionals, we recommend taking a look around here where you’ll find lots of useful info.

About the Author

Lisa Chivers

Lisa Chivers is a Product Marketing Specialist for Trimble MEP, managing building services design and certification products in the UK. Based in Stamford, Lincolnshire, she enjoys engaging with customers to represent their needs in product development and driving new features and software to the market.

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