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What’s New with AutoBid Estimating Essentials Software: September 2023 Edition

Trimble AutoBid Estimating Essentials software is the leading estimating solution for mechanical and sheet metal contractors. This one solution includes the essential tools for takeoff, estimating, pricing, procurement, and more to go beyond the bid and power your full preconstruction workflow. 

Read on for some of the newly released capabilities that highlight how AutoBid Estimating Essentials keeps getting better.

Key New Autobid Estimating Essentials Capabilities: 

Digital pricing and procurement with Ferguson

AutoBid Estimating Essentials now includes the ability to pull real-time pricing from your local Ferguson branch into an estimate. With a 90% or higher match rate across all participating Ferguson branches, you can be confident that materials are priced accurately.

Go beyond pricing by creating a bill of materials (BOM) from your estimate that can be used to also place custom quotes and orders digitally from the same Ferguson branch connections at buy-time. No more emails, no more phone calls and no more spreadsheets from bid to buyout. Your Trimble software and your digital connection to your local Fergsuon branch does all the work for you.

All you have to do is request to get set up with your local Ferguson branch and get started!

See how to use Supplier Xchange and AutoBid together in this video.


Cloud hosting is now available for AutoBid Estimating Essentials

Estimating data like customized labor, assemblies and bid records are the foundation for consistent, profitable bids. With cybersecurity threats on the rise combined with the increased cost of IT management, there’s never been a better time to move your estimating data to a secure, managed cloud. 

We’re excited to announce that Trimble AutoBid Estimating Essentials is now available as a hosted solution! Trimble can protect and manage your data in a secure cloud-hosted environment available only with the AutoBid Estimating Essentials subscription.

Now you can focus on what you do best - bidding work from anywhere. We’ll manage the rest. 

AutoBid 2023 New User Database (NUD)

Accurate material and labor are the basis of every winning estimate.

Now mechanical contractors using AutoBid Estimating Essentials software can benefit from the latest material price codes, updated labor tables and new work activity methods available for MCA members. 


Availability of new Autobid Estimating Essentials

These enhancements are available in the AutoBid Estimating Essentials subscription, designed for mechanical and sheet metal contractors.

Watch our recent webinar to learn more about each of the capabilities highlighted above.  For more information, or to request a demo, please contact us at