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January 6, 2021

As we start the beginning of the year and plan for a successful 2021, you want to be sure that information about your products is available to over 120.000 MEP engineers worldwide.

Are you launching any new products for the MEP market? Do you need BIM files for your new products? Are your current BIM files still up to date? 

Discover in this blog what MEPcontent can offer you and how we can support you to optimally reach your customers, even in the absence of physical trade shows.

Your Data Is Gold! 

Being part of Trimble has opened a wide range of new business opportunities for you as our customer. Did you know that MEPcontent is the gateway to getting your data into the Trimble ecosystem? Discover how your data can easily be added to the leading BIM software solutions in Europe! Reach for instance an additional 25,000 MEP engineers in StabiCAD and Trimble Nova... and we only need your data once! See how we’ve supported Valsir and Sanha in their BIM journey.

Analytics Are Key to Your Business

As a customer of MEPcontent you have complimentary access to your own custom dashboard. How often do you use your dashboard? Get a deeper understanding of how users interact with your content and use data-driven insights to grow your business. You can immediately see where the content is downloaded from, the number of downloads and users per file type in a selected time frame and/or region, as well as details about each downloaded file type. Let’s have a conversation about how analytics supports your business. 

See How We’ve Helped ELCO 

“We can’t hide the importance of digitalization and connectivity in the construction sector. It started as a trend, and now it’s essential to achieve more and more smart buildings that contribute to our environmental and sustainable vision,” said Abbas Seifeddine, Product Manager for Renewable Energy Products at ELCO Commercial Business.

“Monitoring the consumption of energy via interfaces like building management systems and gateways, are nowadays keywords in commercial projects.”

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