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How to Manage MEP Content for Constructible Models

February 14, 2018

In North America, we have seen a dramatic increase in BIM production models with precise dimensions and bill of materials (BOM) for shop fabrication of assemblies (spools), resulting in reduced risk and faster field installation. Prefabrication of MEP systems is now preferable over sending paper drawings to the field to be coordinated and installed in the field. In this workflow, the key ingredient is not the exact accuracy of the pump, chiller, electrical generator, or HVAC air handler. The key is the dimension of all the parts that are assembled to connect and structurally support these MEP building systems. The contractor's labor, and therefore risk, is in the construction of these systems— not the end of line equipment items mentioned above.

A good data platform will offer content that includes millions of components for constructible models, managed regularly. It should also include regular updates when products are added or changed by the manufacturer. This ensures accuracy for prefabrication. Since over 25% of the total construction budget of a commercial building is spent on the installation of the MEP systems, accurate data is key. There's no better time to learn the right way to manage content for your constructible model.

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