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What’s New With Trimble LiveCount Digital Takeoff Software


Trimble LiveCount™ cloud-based digital takeoff software is designed to help electrical contractors create estimates faster, easier, and more accurately. Construction is a competitive industry with tight deadlines. That’s why each month, Trimble introduces new features and improvements to our LiveCount software to help our customers keep up with those deadlines and stay a step ahead of their competition. 

Here are some of the recently released features that highlight how LiveCount keeps getting better so our customers can too.

Greater control over annotations:

Viewing and editing annotations to meet is faster and easier than ever. From the Annotations Details side panel, users can now change the point and line styles, customize the appearance of notes; edit the color, width, and transparency of the Freehand and Line Highlighters as well as view descriptions for all takeoff annotations (area, count, and length). Users can also control whether the Annotations Details side panel stays opened or closed.

During an active run, users can see the number of counts, segments, and total length as they go, providing earlier insight and easier tracking of their takeoff. Once takeoff is complete, the Measurement Summary feature lets users download information about their takeoff annotations straight to an Excel file to facilitate sharing information with project stakeholders.

Improved management and use of drawings:

New Drawings Side Panel gives users better visibility and control over the drawings being used in a job. The new side panel provides helpful details such as showing all drawings within the job, filtering the list of drawings, and more. To help further speed up takeoff actions when using multiple drawings, a calibrated scale can now be used across multiple drawings rather than needing to calibrate each drawing separately. Plus, the multi-page run functionality lets users count items across multiple drawings – a big timesaver for larger projects.

It’s now easier to share drawings with other team members and stakeholders. Users can download an active drawing as a PDF file directly from the takeoff page. Annotations filtered out of view are not present on the resulting export file, thereby enabling the user to share drawings by system, phase, or other grouping used during takeoff.

Efficiency gains:

Trimble’s patented Auto Count functionality has always helped speed up the  takeoff process. Now, we’ve made additional enhancements to make Auto Count even more effective. Users can now select and delete multiple unmatched results in one click. Plus, the Auto Count results dialog box is now larger and displays more results. This means less scrolling and faster reviewing and selecting results. Plus, users can repeat searches in other drawings and workspaces, thereby saving even more time. 

Shortcuts are key to faster takeoff. In addition to the existing shortcut keys available in LiveCount, we’ve added a “cancel active run” shortcut, allowing users to cancel the active drawing operation for unlinked and linked takeoff annotations. And, if that’s not fast enough, users can now use simultaneous shortcuts – engaging two shortcuts at the same time – for even greater speed during takeoff.


Trimble LiveCount is included in the Accubid Anywhere and Accubid Classic Estimating Essentials subscriptions. For more information, or to request a demo, please contact us at