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[Webinar Recording] The Future is Connected Construction - Leveraging Your Model in the Field

After two unprecedented years, where the design/detailing industry has had to adapt to new ways of working, there is no better time than now to hit fast-forward on technology that abandons paper, automates workflows, and optimizes collaboration. By embracing this digital transformation, you can leverage your model to make fabrication more predictable and efficient in unprecedented ways. In this webinar, we focus on Connect2Fab and Connect AR, two new applications within Trimble Connect. These tools remove disconnects between people and processes and help deliver projects with more control and predictability than ever before. By ensuring fabrication stakeholders are on the same page, whether or not they are in the same place, these applications empower teams to work with maximum transparency, streamlining traditionally cumbersome workflows and enabling stakeholders to execute data-driven decisions throughout a project’s lifecycle. The result? Skyrocketing productivity and competitive advantage. What You’ll Learn: -How to modify spools outside of traditional 3D modeling software -The value of digital collaboration, in real-time, across teams -How to connect CAD and CAMIntro to Connect2Fab -Model placement: How to visualize your model in the real world, on site, and in context at 1:1 scale -The different ways to use Connect2Fab and Connect AR to leverage your BIM models in the shop and field The future of construction and digitization is happening now, and Trimble is uniquely poised to deliver impactful workflows that ensure every person, phase and process works together seamlessly. Connect2Fab and Connect AR are part of a digital revolution that you cannot afford to ignore.