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[Webinar Recording] Connected Construction: How MEP Tech Integration Changes the Game

Think about all the data hidden within your 3D models: information about parametrics, labor, materials, costs and more. Instead of entering and re-entering the same information multiple times across several platforms, what if that model content could move seamlessly between systems, people and workflows? Connected construction enables a single 3D model to inform an entire project. During this webinar, we discuss three real-life construction workflows that can be accelerated and simplified by using connected construction, including:

  • Estimating: Connect your BIM model to your estimating software for better project insights, streamlined collaboration between stakeholders and more accurate project execution.
  • Procurement: Order materials from an accurate, real-world model to minimize ordering waste, control spend and simplify coordination.
  • Fabrication: With open access to your model, field and shop employees can define and modify spools outside of traditional CAD software.