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Best Practices in BIM for MEP: 10 Tips for a Successful BIM Workflow

September 9, 2019

BIM is transforming the way the MEP industry works. Across the world, firms are facing new standards and requirements and are adjusting to this new way of working. In some countries, firms have been quick to adopt BIM. In other countries, firms have been more hesitant to reorganize existing processes. But BIM doesn't need to be risky - if you play it smart and if you learn from the mistakes and successes from others. And where to better look for these lessons learnt than in one of the countries that is leading in BIM?

The Netherlands is one of the countries where many impressive BIM projects have been realized already. In this whitepaper, leading Dutch contractors share their stories and tips that are useful to MEP contractors across the globe. And, because technology is an essential part of BIM, tips are also included on using BIM tools to optimize your workflow. If you are a MEP contractor just beginning with BIM or improving your BIM processes, read on.

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