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Exyte Hargreaves - Boosting engineering productivity and efficiency

Exyte Hargreaves streamlines end-to-end MEP design, integrating modelling and calculations with Stabicad for Revit.

A leader in design, engineering, and delivery of complex facilities, Exyte Hargreaves is focused on serving clients with optimal efficiency. But using multiple tools across design, modelling, estimating, and fabrication workflows created a drag on productivity. With Stabicad for Revit, the company streamlined design and modelling end-to-end, accelerating project workflows and delighting clients.

The challenge

Manual, paper-based processes required double handling of modelling information, slowing the design process and risking human error. 

The solution

Implement Stabicad to augment Revit models with enhanced modelling and coordination tools, rich MEP content, and sizing calculations. 

The results

  • Saves principal engineers hours of work, improving productivity
  • Assures compliance with UK regulations by providing integrated system sizing calculations
  • Eliminates double handling of design information, streamlining workflows and reducing the chance for human error
  • Enabled existing core team to adapt to business growth with no need to add staff

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