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Trimble and Aberdeenshire Council - Streamlining design and modelling for public building projects

Aberdeenshire Council boosts engineer productivity and design quality with Stabicad for Revit

The challenge

  • Difficult and time-consuming to fit together system elements using legacy tool
  • Performing sizing calculations required using a separate programme, taking extra time and disrupting workflows
  • Legacy tool often failed to connect system elements even when they appeared to be connected in the drawing
  • Creating sections were especially difficult, adding to the engineering team’s frustration

The solution

  • Implement Stabicad for Revit to simplify the modelling of mechanical and electrical systems with automated design tools, rich element content, and built-in sizing calculations
  • Invest time in training provided by Trimble to accelerate adoption and proficiency in Stabicad

The results

  • Reduces modelling time by 20–40 per cent, depending on project complexity
  • Saves hours connecting different mechanical or electrical elements thanks to automation
  • Increases design engineering productivity, producing more work within the same timeframe
  • Eliminates double work by integrating sizing calculations directly in the modelling tool
  • Improves team confidence in the accuracy and quality of calculation results thanks to CIBSE verification
  • Helps Aberdeenshire Council deliver more projects to benefit the public

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“Depending on project complexity and the specific MEP systems we are modelling, Stabicad could reduce our modelling time by 20 to 40 per cent compared to our traditional workflow.”
— Ged Philip, Design Engineer, Aberdeenshire Council