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Introducing Trimble MEP’s new electrical design and engineering solutions

Trimble MEP are very excited to launch our electrical design and engineering solutions on subscription. These products come with brand new functionalities including calculations compliant in multiple regions, seamless Revit integrations and top feature sets at incredible prices, to name a few.

2020 was a challenging year for everyone and we wanted to respond to that in a really positive way. Subscription makes sure we can not only continue to add value to our customers’ existing workflows, but also for those of who are ready to take the next step in digital design and engineering, provide a complete MEP workflow within a single package. 

So why should you move to subscription? Below are just a sample of the benefits on offer.


Simplify with subscription

Trimble MEP is the trusted provider of Electrical Design Software to both Contractors and Consultants alike. Our new suite of products means Trimble is now easier and cheaper to acquire than ever before. There are no upfront costs, and you receive continuous and supported access to the latest and enhanced solutions that mean the most to your business, within a single, convenient subscription. 


Top feature sets, incredible value

Do you need to select protective devices on not just LV but MV and HV projects too? Or do you need to increase your ProDesign board capacity and calculate fault levels on your networks? Purchasing on subscription gives you the option to do all of this at a great price.


A complete electrical workflow for Revit projects

With the official release of Stabicad Electrical this year joining Stabicad Mechanical within our Trimble MEP portfolio, we are now able to support your entire MEP digital design workflows. 

At the heart of Stabicad Electrical’s tailored yet broad range of intuitive Revit drawing productivity tools, are: 


  • Provision of UK families and 2D Symbols - Thousands of cable ducts, fixtures, switches, sockets, data points and components for fire prevention and suppression, telecoms and security systems, are available within easily navigable Stabicad content pallets directly in Revit. This enables you to build accurate, UK compliant designs and easily explore various alternative design solutions quickly.
  • Assemble electrical models faster with drawing productivity - Stabicad’s full toolkit of productivity tools allow you to place and connect multiple MEP components simultaneously, duplicate entire floors and/or spaces of a building to another in a few clicks and accurately solve nodes in an instant, saving you significant and valuable time.
  • Integrated ProDesign calculations - The ProDesign calculation engine delivers calculations compliant to not only the IET Wiring Regulations but also to the latest IEC International Standards. This means you avoid needless rework and get your electrical system design calculations where you need them the most - directly in your 3D model.
  • Route circuits automatically - Route compliant circuits on any size project efficiently and accurately with intuitive automatic circuit routing tools. 
  • Size Containment - Building upon the integrated ProDesign calculation services and BS 7671 compliant component databases, additional containment calculations also enable you to quickly and easily size containment on a size and weight basis, and view utilized and/or spare capacity.
  • Easily maintain electrical design integrity even when collaborating with other MEP teams - Automatically identify containment and routed circuit changes within a comprehensive and model index linked report. Each change warning and error is index-linked to the affected point in your design helping you to maintain accuracy and design integrity within ever-evolving projects, and collaborate with other designers more easily.
  • Effect mass changes - Our data entry tool is designed to maximise your productivity by switching out electrical components on mass rather than individually.
  • Design in multiple regions using a single solution - ProDesign has been the UK's leading 2D electrical design and engineering software for over 25 years due to continual development and always providing engineers with up-to-date, BS 7671 compliant calculations. With ProDesign on subscription you are now able to design projects in multiple different regions. The extensive list of calculations available to select from are compliant with IEC, NEN, VDE, DEWA & ADDC and BS 7671.


Make the switch and reap the benefits

It’s never been easier to increase the scope of where and how you do business, or to continue developing your workflows to be extremely efficient, even more accurate, fully connected and entirely scalable to any size project. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch today.