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Estimating-ME - Turning time into money by accelerating tenders

Estimating-ME fills a critical need for mechanical and electrical estimators with help from Trimble. 

Learn how Estimating-ME uses Trimble's cloud-based Total Estimating solution to produce more mechanical and electrical estimates for clients in less time and with guaranteed accuracy.

Reduce the time for generating mechanical and electrical estimates while assuring clients of accuracy from tender to final account.

The Challenge

  • Small consulting firm needed to ramp up estimating capability to meet surging client demand
  • Clients demand quick turn-around times for completed tenders
  • Any delays finding pricing data or performing calculations costs the firm in lost revenue
  • Responding to client queries took valuable time away from completing tenders


  • Implement cloud-based Total Estimating to automate and streamline mechanical and electrical estimating workflows
  • Invest time in database management and setting up speed menus, favourites and specials to accelerate creating tender offers


  • Provides 3X improvement in turn-around time for producing mechanical and electrical tenders
  • Saves 8-10 hours by eliminating the need to verify calculations thanks to software accuracy
  • Enables estimating team to work more efficiently from anywhere with a cloud-based solution
  • Returns 10X savings in time for every hour invested in setting up software features and training staff
  • Reduces response time for client queries from 30 minutes to 30 seconds

“There’s never been an error with Total Estimating. I can trust that once we enter the product information for a tender, the software will do the calculations correctly.”

— Colm Brennan, Founder and Director, Estimating-ME

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