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What’s New With Trimble LiveCount Digital Takeoff Software


September 2022


Trimble is excited to announce the latest version of its LiveCount cloud-based digital takeoff solution. Digital takeoff applications have become indispensable tools for estimators, and with this new release, Trimble has made enhancements to provide users with greater flexibility, simplicity, and functionality.


  • Improved User Interface provides a more modern, cleaner look and feel and includes several streamlined workflows. We’ve added a new right-click menu, and many functions can now be performed with fewer mouse clicks, speeding up takeoff and providing greater efficiency. 
  • Auto Count Enhancements and Support for Coloured Drawings means faster, more accurate, and more efficient takeoff now that coloured drawings are becoming more common. Users can now run separate Auto Counts for different colours on the drawing. Users can also edit their Auto Count search parameters (name, confidence level, rotation) and re-run the same search, making more refined and accurate results possible.



  • Enhanced Drawing Compare delivers faster results and simplifies reviewing and updating revised drawings. With automatic alignment, LiveCount instantly aligns your drawings and clearly defines differences between versions. Users can transfer annotations from the old drawing to the new drawing with a simple mouse click.
  • Higher Drawing Quality using scalable vector graphics (SVG) offers greater clarity and visibility of drawing details both on the canvas during takeoff as well as on the annotated drawing when downloaded. This makes it easier to work with the drawings and helps reduce errors from unclear images.
  • Expanded Keyboard Shortcuts (Hotkeys) speed up the takeoff process by eliminating the need for additional mouse clicks and boosting productivity. Users can also customise shortcuts for even greater flexibility.


Trimble LiveCount is included in the Total Estimating and Total Estimating+ subscriptions. For more information, or to request a demo, please contact us at