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Top 5 subscription benefits for MEP companies


Welcome to a new pricing model for Trimble. Now, Trimble MEP’s software portfolio is available on subscription. This subscription model is both technically and financially beneficial for your organisation. 


Take a look at the five biggest advantages that accompany a software subscription:

1. Gain access to the right tools and subscription-only features

For MEP contractors and engineers, having access to construction management software solutions is indispensable. Subscribing to Trimble will ensure you have access to software designed specifically for your industry. Whether you work in estimating or project management, or as an electrical or mechanical engineer, your job will be easier, and you’ll speed up how you work. Plus, take advantage of the latest subscription-only features.  


2. Gain access to technology right away

Our development teams are always looking for opportunities to improve the technology and with a subscription licence, you have immediate access to feature updates. Plus, apps are ready to use immediately, so proficient users can make the most of them as soon as they are set up. 

Subscriptions create a more direct, near real-time, supplier-to-customer relationship so that needs are met quickly and accurately, with automatic and regular software updates. With regularly updated software, your organisation can innovate with confidence, working off a proven, up-to-date solution. 


3. Trim costs and reallocate budget lines 

Skip the delays that accompany investing in a purchase and wading through elaborate terms and conditions. A subscription is a flexible—and speedy—means to acquire the rights to use software. 

Bonus: The subscription model means this expense is no longer included in a company's assets—instead, it’s part of operating expenses. This accounting difference means capital is conveniently redirected. Plus, budgets allocated to projects can be more easily evaluated.

4. Take advantage of flexible pricing 

Subscriptions provide more affordable ownership costs than perpetual licences. That means even small- and medium-sized construction companies can access these apps.

Through a subscription model, you’ll gain greater insight into the IT cost of operations. 


5. Scale licences to accommodate any size business

Construction companies can experience fast and dramatic fluctuations in project volume due to activity in their sector. That means flexibility in managing and organising your work is essential. That's why subscriptions are such a win: With them, you can source the perfect number of licences to meet your workload. As the volume of projects rises, or the number of users decreases, it's just as easy to update the licences that you pay for.


For more information on our subscription offering, contact our sales team.