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Stabicad feature spotlight - Working faster with the Nodesolver

As a Trimble BIM Consultant, I support customers in the development of BIM projects by sharing knowledge and giving advice. I do this either in individual or group sessions, or via the helpdesk. Knowledge is key!

All project stakeholders benefit from a quick and accurate design of the installation. An important influencer for a successful installation is the engineer/consultant’s knowledge of the software features and functionalities. That is why I want to give special attention to the Nodesolver function in Stabicad.

The power of the nodesolver is in fact fast solutions that are actually feasible and contain up-to-date article information.


Connect quickly

The Nodesolver has a standard solution for a wide range of situations. For example, it is possible to connect radiators to the supply and return pipes in one go, or to connect grilles directly to the duct with a piece of flexible air hose and a shut-off valve. Pipes, cable ducts and air ducts are thus connected with a single click.

Less searching and modelling

If the standard solution is not sufficient, the Nodesolver with Options can be used. The nodesolver with options looks at the selected materials to be connected and which accessories are available in the manufacturer's delivery program. This library of attachments provides various connection options. That saves a lot of searching and modeling!

Did you know…

  • in the StabiBASE drawing settings you can set preferences for the standard connections of Supply & Return channels and Sewage?
  • The Nodesolver can also be used in 3D views?
    By first selecting the elements to be connected in the 3D view, the Nodesolver can then be started to generate the connection.
  • The Nodesolver can also use attachments from another product range?
    You can set preferences via StabiBASE in order to make targeted use of other attachments. For example, you can easily draw Steel grooved pipes with specific groove couplings of a manufacturer.
  • You can link a Keyboard shortcut to the Nodesolver functions? This enables you to connect elements even more quickly and move directly on to the next connection.
  • You can enlarge and rotate the view of solutions?
    In the nodesolver with options, you can enlarge the options using the slider or select a different orientation. This way you can always see what is going to be placed, regardless of the connection situation.

To find out more about Stabicad, check out our full range of Stabicad’s Electrical resources and Stabicad’s Mechanical resources. If you would like to arrange a demo or speak to the sales team, get in touch.


About the Author

Laurens Duijm is a BIM Consultant for the Benelux at Trimble where his main focus is to provide MEP engineers with the right information to effectively use BIM modeling software and to support customers with a tailored software design and set-up. With a bunch of experience and knowledge he helps customers forward to make most out of their BIM workflow solutions.

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