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Commonly asked questions about Estimation MEP Base from UK customers




Getting started

New features and functionality available

Customer experience



Q: What industries/trades does Estimation MEP serve?
A: Estimation MEP supports contractors that specialise in mechanical, electrical and/or plumbing services in the United Kingdom.


Q: What language is Estimation MEP available in?
A: Estimation MEP is available in English.


Q: Can I get a demo of Estimation MEP?
A: You can contact us so we can show you Estimation MEP in action. Fill out this form and add in the comments field that you are interested in an Estimation MEP demo.


Q: What does cloud-based software mean?
Cloud-based software means performing processing tasks on software accessible via a web browser instead of a local computer or workstation. You will only need to have an internet connection and the URL of your cloud-based software to log in. The software is generally stored on shared computing resources, such as cloud servers.


Q: What is web-based software?
Web-based software is software you access by using a web browser (such as Google Chrome) with an Internet connection. You’re probably already using other web-based software programs today. Web-based email programs such as Gmail and Hotmail, or online tax services are examples of web-based software. 


Q: What is the benefit of web-based software?
You’ll find that web-based software is easier to manage and safer to use. With Estimation MEP you don’t have to worry about installing any new software programs, managing software updates, or maintaining hardware infrastructure. You will always have access to the latest versions of the software. Your data is accessible anywhere, anytime as long as you have Internet access and your data is protected by the secure Amazon Web Services infrastructure.


Q: What kind of internet browser do I require to use Estimation MEP?
We recommend that you use the Google Chrome internet browser to access Estimation MEP for peak software performance.


Q: How and where is my data protected in Estimation MEP?
Your data is stored encrypted on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) server based in Ireland. Access to AWS data centers is strictly controlled and data centers are constantly monitored to ensure systems are functioning properly. By putting your data in the cloud, you won’t lose it if your computer or USB drive is stolen, lost, or damaged. It is secured by your login information so only you and your team can access your project files when you need. Estimation MEP is also ISO 27001 certified so you know your data is secure without additional IT resources or needing to install updates.


Getting started

Q: How do I purchase Estimation MEP?
You can contact us so we can show you Estimation MEP in action. Fill out this form and add in the comments field that you are interested in purchasing Estimation MEP.


Q: How do I access Estimation MEP?
You can access Estimation MEP using the Google Chrome internet browser and enter the following web address


Q: How long is an Estimation MEP subscription?
The Estimation MEP subscription is a 12-month subscription, which auto-renews annually.


Q: How can I terminate my subscription?
Estimation MEP subscriptions are flexible and you can cancel before the next subscription period starts. Please note that users pay for a 12 month subscription upfront. Subscriptions can be managed in the Account Management portal. 


Q: Is Estimation MEP a multi-user product?
Estimation MEP is sold as a single user subscription tied to your Trimble ID to ensure our users have Trimble personalised product experiences. It isn’t a problem if multiple users in your company want to access your estimates and projects, they simply need individual personal licenses by contacting your Trimble account manager or filling out this form.


Q: Can I add additional users?
Of course you can! Estimation MEP is built to scale according to your business needs. Once you have successfully completed a purchase of Estimation MEP, you can assign access to other users from your Account Management Portal. This portal provides you with full control over adding more users and adding more licenses for users.


New Features and Functionality available

Q: What features are available in this new product?
Estimation MEP has an abundance of features designed to help its users gain visibility on the profitability of their MEP projects. Metrics MEP is cloud-hosted and offers graphical takeoff, full-screen takeoff, access to the LUCKINS database, procurement lists, budget overviews and much more. 

For more information about the features in Estimation MEP, visit the product page.


Q: Can I use Estimation MEP without graphical takeoff?
Estimation MEP is adaptable software that works in the way you want to work. This means you can perform takeoff using traditional methods rather than graphical takeoff. Using the full screen takeoff feature, you can perform takeoff manually and then upload your quantities and measurements into Estimation MEP where your data is safely stored in the software.


Q: Do I need to print my drawings to perform takeoff in Estimation MEP?
No, PDF files of your MEP drawings can be uploaded directly into the software and then easily perform graphical takeoff. Select a unit of measure for your scale then electronically count, and mark up PDF drawings and specifications directly and simultaneously fill in the takeoff sheet. Imagine all of the money you can save on printing and storing physical drawings!


Q: Can two employees in my company access and work on the same estimates?
Estimation MEP can allow users from the same company to access the same estimates and projects, however for optimal performance we don’t encourage users to work on the same estimate at the same time as it can cause data corruption. 


Q: Which content sources are available in Estimation MEP?
In Estimation MEP, users will have full access to the LUCKINS Standard Data Package with access to over half a million HVAC, Electrical and Plumbing material items.

If you are missing any manufacturers or items then feel free to contact us and we may add this content to Estimation MEP.


Q: Do I have to use a specific file type to upload drawings?
Estimation MEP currently supports drawings that are in PDF, PNG and TIFF file format.


Q: What reporting functionality is available in Estimation MEP?
The Bill of Materials can be downloaded into Excel for further editing/sharing. Additionally, an export of the estimate can be made to Excel that includes the Bill of Materials and Final Pricing details. We are investigating the different options that we have so that you will also be able to download/export/print the information from your estimate.


Q: I’m a current Estimating customer using Extreme or Enterprise Estimating. Is Estimation MEP for me?
Not quite. Users of Extreme or Enterprise Estimating will find that Estimation MEP might not provide the same level of functionality as existing Trimble UK estimating and contract management solutions yet. 

The current version of Estimation MEP is designed for…

  • Small MEP contractors using manual processes or spreadsheets for their estimation
  • Small MEP contractors that don’t have the resources in-house to manage item and assembly databases, pricing, and more

However, Estimation MEP​ is a product with potential that we are actively building out its functionality to have feature parity with existing solutions.


Customer Experience

Q: How do I access support?
In Estimation MEP, click on the question mark icon located in the top-right corner of the application to access the Knowledge Center. Here you will have access to guides, videos, FAQs, as well as region specific information on how to contact support.


Q: What training is available for users to learn how to use Estimation MEP?
Estimation MEP is a simple software with in-app how-to videos and step-by-step guides that assist users in creating their first estimate and managing their first project using the software. We will also provide you with 14 modules of video training that will help you explore and learn all Estimation MEP features.


Q: How long does training take?
The software is quick and easy to learn how to use. The in-app help tools in the Knowledge Center and the video training are designed for users to guide themselves through their estimates and manage their projects in Estimation MEP. It should take 3-4 hours to learn how to use Estimation MEP. 


Q: How often is the software for Estimation MEP updated?
Estimation MEP is a cloud-based solution. This means users will automatically receive software updates every 2-4 weeks with no need to install or update their software. Simply log in and receive notifications of the new updates. FYI: A subscription of Estimation MEP includes the software and software updates. There are no installation costs to use Estimation MEP.