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Valsir creates a BIM ecosystem

The BIM journey of international manufacturer Valsir

Find out how international building product manufacturer Valsir supplied for the current competitive market demands regarding BIM models. Besides having their product ranges available in digital formats, Valsir also partnered with MEPcontent to create additional tools that would aid MEP designers in using the Valsir models in their projects.


What do engineers actually need?

''Today it is not enough to offer just BIM models.''


Why did you partner with MEPcontent?

"Designers are asking more and more for tools to use BIM models."


Why Trimble?

''Trimble has different applications and solutions we can use in the future.''

For example, Valsir content is also available in Trimble Nova, a Trimble software application leading the market in the German speaking countries and France. One set of data for multiple solutions. 


What are the key benefits of working with Valsir products?

''We are able to deliver 99,88% of what clients ask in quantities they ask in less than three days.''


Great Valsir projects  

Amongst others: Hotel Damro in Sri Lanka, Lamborghini factory in Italy, Juventus stadium in Italy and Mall of Africa in South Africa.


In what countries does Valsir operate?

''The company is present in more than 100 countries all around the world.''


Why did you choose MEPcontent?  

''MEPcontent is part of a company that has more than 30 of years experience with designers.''