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Attention all UK MEP Contractors, Installers and Technicians!

Are you currently working on small domestic or commercial projects in the United Kingdom? Is the primary function of your job to estimate and bid on commercial work? Are you looking to drive the next generation of estimating and contract management software to use today or in the future?

If the answer is yes, then Trimble is looking for you! Join the Trimble Influencer Programme and influence the development and direction of Trimble Metrics.

As a Trimble Influencer, you’ll get the chance to trial and see early versions of a new Trimble software product and provide your input on the value and ease of use on a regular basis.

Benefits of joining the Trimble Influencer Programme include:

  • Early visibility of future MEP software
  • Free access to certain software for a limited time
  • Help create products that fit your workflows better
  • Potential discounted prices for software following release
  • Influence future product design and development by talking directly with Trimble product managers, engineers and UX designers on a regular basis


Apply for the programme today!