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The Trimble® Accubid Classic Estimating software training - Expanded virtual course affords participants an opportunity to learn the more advance features and functions of Trimble® Accubid Classic Estimating software.

Course Details

Class Setting: Virtual Classroom

Course Prerequisites: Trimble Accubid Classic Estimating software experience

Who Should Attend: Chief Estimators, Junior Estimators, Senior Estimators

The learning objectives will provide participants with the knowledge and skills to effectively use this application in their workplaces.

The mode of instruction features an instructor-led virtual learning experience that effectively combines demonstrations with hands-on practical exercises to reinforce learning. The class is delivered through 4 (2 hour) regularly scheduled sessions.

Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of training, participants will be able to:

  • Create and manage multiple job folders.
  • Modify program defaults to improve consistency and ease of use.
  • Create and manage screen & report Styles.
  • Create and manage multiple bid summaries.
  • Demonstrate the merging of takeoff using two methods (enhanced and job).
  • Demonstrate the ability to effectively use the bid breakdown (with or without cost allocations applied).
  • Demonstrate the procedure to export data from the Trimble Accubid platform.

Training Modules

Session 1Hide

Session 1

Module 1 – Managing the Job Schedule

  • Job Schedule screen styles
  • Filtering & sorting the Schedule Screen
  • Creating job templates
  • Modifying the default job 

Module 2 – Job Settings

  • Working with multiple job folders
  • Modifying Accubid options
  • Screen styles within an Estimate
  • Report styles within an Estimate

Module 3 – Database (High Level overview)

  • Copying a new database
  • Modifying a database
  • Specialized takeoff library mode
  • Quick update
Session 2 Show

Session 2

Module 4 – Advance Takeoff

  • Typical breakdowns
  • Copying and pasting takeoffs
  • Substituting Items, Common Assemblies, Designation, and Power Substitution
  • Merging takeoff
  • Enhanced merge

Module 5 – Extension 

  • Consolidated view
  • Changing of the labor column
  • Re-extend
  • Grouping and filtering
  • Setting material adjustments
  • Grouping by unit price
Session 3 Show

Session 3

Module 6 – Closing a Job

  • Review of Closing screens

Module 7 – Multiple Bid Summaries

  • Creating common multiple bid summaries (multiple sell prices, breakout pricing, adders, alternates and deducts
  • Combining bid summaries
Session 4 Show

Session 4

Module 8 – Bid Breakdown

  • Creating a schedule of values in Bid Breakdown

Module 9 – Allocation of Costs in Multi-Level Bid Breakdowns

  • Allocating cost for the purpose of a multi-tier schedule of values

Module 10 – Exporting from Trimble® Accubid Classic Estimating

  • Exporting to Accounting
  • Exporting to MS Project
  • Exporting to MS Excel