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The Trimble® Accubid ChangeOrder Software virtual course affords participants an opportunity to learn the basic features and functions of the Trimble® Accubid Classic Change Order software. The learning objectives will provide participants with the knowledge and skills to effectively use this application in their workplaces.

Course Details

Class Setting: Virtual Classroom

Course Prerequisites: Change order experience

Who Should Attend: Chief Estimators, Junior Estimators, Senior Estimators, Construction Managers, Operational Management, Project Managers

The instruction takes place in an instructor-led web-based environment with an approach that effectively combines demonstrations with hands-on practical exercises to reinforce learning. The instruction is delivered over 4 – 3hr sessions. 

Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of training, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the workflow through Trimble® Accubid software.
  • Create and modify project and global default jobs.
  • Understand and navigate the item and common assembly databases.
  • Perform takeoff using 8 of the available modes of takeoff.
  • Perform functions within the Extension screen.
  • Complete the closing process of an estimate through the bid closing screens: Direct labor through to Quoted Material.
  • Complete a change order using the Totals screen.

Training Modules

Session 1Hide

Session 1

Module 1 - Introduction to the Trimble Accubid System

  • Schedule screen
  • Navigating through the Trimble Accubid System

Module 2 – Understanding the Database

  • Item and Common Assembly database
  • Item Database structure
  • Database item fields
  • Common Assembly structure

Module 3 – Setting Up Defaults

  • Create and modify Global Defaults.
  • Create and modify Project Defaults.
  • Job Schedule screen
  • The Job Information screen
  • The Notes screen

Module 4 – Creating a New Project

  • Create and save new projects.
Session 2Show

Session 2

Module 5 – Takeoff Screen

  • Workflow through the takeoff process
  • Create and modify takeoff breakdowns
  • Labor factoring
  • The item and common assembly database
  • Perform takeoff using available takeoff options
Session 3Show

Session 3

Module 6 – Audit Trail

  • Describe the functions of the audit trail.
  • Modify and rename takeoffs.
  • Filtering the audit trail.
  • Deleting takeoffs.
  • Change takeoff breakdowns.
  • Copy and paste takeoffs.
  • Substitute items and assemblies.

Module 7 – Extension Screen

  • Exploring the Extension Screen
  • Consolidated Item view
  • Re-extending the job
  • Labor columns
  • Locking values at Extension
  • Grouping the Extension
Session 4Show

Session 4

Module 8 – Completing a Change Order

  • Incorporating labor costs – Direct, Incidental
  • Labor Factoring screen
  • Labor Escalation
  • Indirect Labor
  • Adding or modifying subcontractor quotes
  • Incorporating General Expenses
  • Adding and modifying quoted material quotes
  • Closing the Change Order
  • Totals screen