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  1. This video explores steps necessary to starting a new job. The topics covered include the new job dialog, workflow of screen tabs, and notes screen. This video applies to the following products:Trimble Accubid Bidwinner Classic EstimatingTrimble Acccubid Powerbid Classic Estimating
  2. The takeoff screen is where the bulk of interaction during estimating process takes place. This video demonstrates some key features of the Takeoff screen which include; Breakdown categories, measure takeoff, and the audit trail.
  3. This video takes viewers through the steps to perform takeoff of items and assemblies.
  4. This video demonstrates the features of the Extension Screen. Key topics include; materials, labor units, alarms, re-entension of material and labor.
  5. This video demonstrates the procedure to estimating labor costs. The direct labor, and indirect labor screens will be examined in detail.
  6. This video examines the steps to close an estimate. Topic covered include; subcontractors, general expenses, and quoted material.
  7. The Final Pricing Screen is where all accumulated costs for material, labor, overhead and markups are presented. This video examines these areas in detail.