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  1. This video examines the initial setup of a company in Time and Material Billing.
  2. Following the setup of a company it is necessary to setup clients. There is a demonstration of the client list in session 3 but before that takes place it is important to setup defaults for those clients. This session explores the Global Client Default feature.
  3. This session demonstrates the steps required to create and modify clients.
  4. This session demonstrates how to setup reports.
  5. This session demonstrates how to start and save a new job.
  6. This session demonstrates the takeoff of material.
  7. The Extension screen's primary function is to list the accumulated bill of material and to extend material pricing using values stored in the item database. This session examines the functions and features of that screen.
  8. Once all material has been taken off and priced it is imporatant to account for all remaining costs such as labor, general expenses, subcontractors, etc. This session examines the closing screens and steps required to complete a job and produce and invoice.