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The Trimble® PipeDesigner 3D® software training will equip students with the skills and knowledge to effectively use the features and functions of the Trimble PipeDesigner 3D application in their work environments.

Course Details

Class Setting: Classroom

Course Prerequisites: Previous detailing experience

Who Should Attend: Senior Estimators, Journeymen, Construction Managers, Project Managers

The instructional delivery method features an instructor-led classroom experience. The learning experience combines product demonstrations with hands-on practical exercises. The class duration is three consecutive days.

Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of the training, participants will be able to:

  • Effectively use AutoCad features as they relate to Trimble® PipeDesigner 3D®.
  • Effectively navigate Trimble® PipeDesigner 3D® - CAD and Data Editor.
  • Describe the workflow through Trimble® PipeDesigner 3D®.
  • Effectively draw piping and fittings.
  • Effectively create and place equipment.
  • Effectively apply and modify insulation.
  • Effectively navigate Spool Manager and generate spools sheets.
  • Create a variety of field points.
  • Describe how data can be exported to a number of supported applications.
  • Effectively apply and modify insulation.

Training Modules

Module 1 – AutoCAD Overview Hide

Module 1 – AutoCAD Overview

  • UCS review and control (Exercise)
  • Controlling Profiles and Workspaces
  • General Object Snaps and Object Tracking
  • Controlling Tool Palettes
  • Shortcuts and the .PGP file
  • Template control (Annotations, Dimensions, Layers)
  • AutoCAD Options
  • Ribbon control
Module 2 – Data Editor OverviewShow

Module 2 – Data Editor Overview

  • Main areas of Data Editor
  • Navigating the Data Editor
Module 3 – Orientation to Trimble PipeDesigner 3DShow

Module 3 – Orientation to Trimble PipeDesigner 3D

  • Navigating Home Ribbon
  • Dashboard and Tool Palettes
  • Menus, Toolbars and PD Ribbons
Module 4 – Drawing with Trimble PipeDesigner 3DShow

Module 4 – Drawing with Trimble PipeDesigner 3D

  • Drawing with fittings
  • PD Osnaps
  • Router Lines Slope/Flat
  • Reroute/Join
Module 5 – Database ManagementShow

Module 5 – Database Management

  • Fitting Creation
  • Fitting Details (Length of pipe & Angle of Deflection)
  • Managing parts list
  • Filters
  • Projects
  • Insulation Schedule
  • Connections Rules
  • Ends and Actuators
  • Automatic layering
Module 6 – Spool ManagerShow

Module 6 – Spool Manager

  • Navigating the Spool Manager
  • Generating a BOM
  • Generating a .DWT to use with the Spool manager
Module 7 – Advanced ConceptsShow

Module 7 – Advanced Concepts

  • Backup/Restore and Merging the Databases
  • Exporting data – Model Sharing (Navisworks, Tekla BIMSight), Trimble AutoBid, Trimble MEP, Trimble Field Link for MEP
  • Navis object enabler/ AutoCAD version set to correct year
  • Creating field points – Custom, Object, Routing Point