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Our 3D Modeling Service is platform agnostic and alleviates the need for your firm to ramp-up skillsets, purchase new technology, or become BIM experts.

You provide us with existing construction plans, standards, and system specifications, and our team will create functional 3D models per the project level of development requirements.

Our 3D Modeling Deliverables

  • 3D Modeling

    Develop 3D models across all trades—mechanical, plumbing, medical gas, electrical and fire protection—using level of development industry specifications.

  • Modeling and Detailing for Equipment Skids

    Model systems included on skids for construction and installation per client submittal, specification and layout, including representation of base and supports.

  • Modeling for Supports and Supplemental Steel

    Model floor supports and supplemental steel necessary for MEP systems installation.

  • Delivering to Level of Development Standard

    The level of development standard defines the model content, specifying how the building’s 3D geometry can achieve different levels of refinement.

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