Trimble 3D Laser Scanning Services

Our 3D laser scanning service is the answer for contractors tackling retrofit and renovation projects. It provides accurate as-built data to help you meet deadlines and maintain profits by scanning existing MEP systems to create dimensionally accurate 3D models.

Meanwhile, our scalable technology program helps you develop your own capabilities.

Our 3D Laser Scan and Scan Modeling Deliverables

  • 3D Static and Mobile Laser Scan

    Use our static or mobile 3D Laser Scanning technology to create a physical scan of your project.

  • Point Cloud Registration

    Register and process scan point cloud as a Trimble® RealWorks file format (RWC and RWP) and Recap file format (RCP) or (LAS).

  • 3D Modeling from Point Cloud

    Create 3D models from the point cloud in various modeling platforms for MEP detailing in level-of-development project requirements.

  • Knowledge Transfer

    Along with performing 3D scanning and scan modeling, we can help your team develop their own capabilities.

Ditch the Old 2D Drawings

We can help you provide 3D models of your project, eliminating costly rework from a lack of original drawings.

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