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May, 2015

New Features/Enhancements

The following enhancements have been added to the DuctDesigner 3D software in this release:

DuctDesigner 3D CAD

DD3D™ Annotate Ribbon

This release of the DuctDesigner 3D software offers a separate DD3D™ Annotate Ribbon. This better organizes workflow by separating tasks in a more logical manner.

Note – The Annotation panels were previously located on the DD3D™ Entities Ribbon.

DD3D™ Tools Ribbon

Access to Trimble Connect is available on the DD3D™ Tools ribbon.

Trimble Connect offers the following:

  • Bring your team’s BIM data together in one shared space.
  • Put the project’s entire social and transactional history at your fingertips.
  • Powerful cloud based technology gets you up and running quickly, with no IT staff or servers.

Dynamic Hanger Blocks

Dynamic Hanger Blocks allow you to insert a hanger block on a duct hanger point, and adjust the dimension automatically to fit the duct size and elevation.

Dynamic hanger blocks are located under DD3D™ Tools/ Field Points / Insert Hanger Blocks. When you select a dynamic hanger block, the Hanger Block Insertion dialog displays additional fields that allow you to specify the rod/strap length(s).

Note – You do not need to specify hanger width.

BTip – If you installed this release of DuctDesigner 3D as an update (and not on a clean machine), refer to the Final Steps on page 14 for details on adding these blocks to your system.

Field Points/Blocks

Custom and Object Field Points can now be saved in blocks. These are now included in all Field Point exports.

Oval Offset

The oval offset now includes a flip grip. This matches functionality with other offset fittings.

Grip Enhancements

  • When the Stretch Grip is selected, you now have the option to stretch the first piece or to connect additional pieces as necessary.


  • The Plus Grip now offers the option to add full length pieces of duct only or to add full length pieces and a short piece at the end.

Additional Modifications

  • The Hanger Block Insertion Settings dialog now includes a right-click menu that allows you to refresh the list. This will prove useful when a hanger block drawing previously included in the list is either removed from the folder or the drawing is renamed. Refreshing the list updates all of the “not found” data.

  • The rotate grip on rectangular elbows now maintains width and depth sizes more accurately.
  • When the Include Wireframe DXF checkbox is selected in the Trimble MEP Export, the Field Point Entity count is now accurately calculated.