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On Monday, April 24, 2017, the anti-virus software Webroot incorrectly flagged many safe files as unsafe and had quarantined them. Several programs, including Accubid products were affected. To correct the issue, please follow the instructions here.

June, 2015


The Time & Material Billing software, version 12.6, software is compatible with the following applications:

Trimble® Work Management software

Integrated into the Trimble® Accubid Time & Material Billing software: Provides intelligent scheduling tools for those companies with a mobile workforce.

Note: If you are upgrading from a Time & Material Billing version prior to 12.5, please contact MEP Client Services at 1-800-361-3030 or before proceeding.

Installation Information

  • New Customers - if you are a new customer, please refer to the Trimble Accubid Time & Material Billing Installation Guide included with your software package. This guide walks you through the steps required to install and starting using the Time & Material Billing software.
  • Update Customers - If you are updating from a previous version of the Trimble Accubid Time & Material Billing software, please contact MEP Client Services before installing this update.


Time & Material Billing Software

  • To help streamline input, the Company Information dialog has been modified. The Identification and Reference Column tabs have been combined into one tab: Reference and Identification. The information required on this tab mirrors the two previous tabs.

  • In order to manage Work Management parts catalogs within the Time & Material Billing software, a new menu command is now available on the Database menu: Work Management Parts Catalogs. This allows you to add, remove, or view catalogs available in the Time & Material Billing application.

  • The validation for phone numbers and email addresses was removed. Customers who had previously added this data to the Time & Material Billing prior to the validation experienced issues with due to non-conformance of older data.

  • If you are using the Work Management system in conjunction with the Time & Material Billing software, the following fields now automatically populate:

    • Org Units

    • Capabilities

    • Employees
      Note: These fields pull directly from the Work Management application.

    • New buttons been added to the main Time & Material Billing toolbar.
      Note: These toolbar buttons are not available if you are not connected to the Work Management system in the Time & Material Billing application.

Database Manager

A new column is available in the Database Manager allowing you to select items for inclusion in a catalog that can be exported to the Work Management application. The field technician is then able to select these items as necessary. For example:

  • When you take off these items in the Time & Material Billing software and send a job to the Work Management system, the items will be available in the mobile application (used by the technician).

  • The technician selects the items used on the job so these can be properly included in the billing produced by the Time & Material Billing software.