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May, 2017
  • Accubid Enterprise Estimating 7.1 is compatible with Trimble® LiveCount™ Cloud. This software is a cloud based on screen takeoff tool allowing you to make count and length based measurements for use in your estimate. As this is cloud based software LiveCount Cloud will be continually updated and improved. Features available include, but are not limited to:
    1. Electronic drawings can be marked up with both length and count measurements
    2. Selecting one or more takeoff in either LiveCount Cloud or Enterprise highlights the same takeoff in the other application
    3. Tight synching of Drawings between the two applications.

Tip – To use LiveCount Cloud with Accubid Enterprise select it as your chosen device in Settings > Options> Measuring Device

  • Grouped Extension now has the ability to show the percentage of values for both Labor and Materials.
  • A new ability to expand Extension Groups from within the Print Screens has been added to allow the Groups to be printed as expended when using the print screens function.
  • Under some circumstances it was possible for there to be a minor discrepancy between the values on grouped and ungrouped Extension screens. This now behaves as expected.

Enterprise General Improvements

  • This version of Accubid Enterprise Client comes with a software update mechanism that will allow a user connecting to an upgraded server to automatically have their client update. Note: This was rolled out in version 7.0 of Enterprise, and as such will now take effect for this upgrade.
  • In the case of an environment with multiple Resolvers the dynamic selection of the Resolver has been improved to allow better connectivity.
  • Using Power Search and Update you can now change Material Adjustment in Enterprise Manager
  • In order to make the install process smoother, Trimble has added an option to install a Resolver Server separately from the Application Server. This is to make larger rollouts faster and easier.

Tip – You can install a Resolution Engine on multiple servers simply by running the install and selecting that option.