Manufacturer Libraries

Manufacturer Libraries

As part of an effort to supply PipeDesigner 3D® customers with the most up-to date manufacturer libraries, we are now hosting the libraries for easy download and installation. Please select the manufacturer that best fits your needs and click the "Download" button to initiate the download process. 

These libraries are compatible with Trimble® PipeDesigner 3D®, Release 2014 v2.28, and can be used only on computers running AutoCAD® 2014, AutoCAD® Architecture 2014, and AutoCAD® MEP 2014. They will not work with any other versions of Autodesk applications or PipeDesigner 3D. Please make sure you have the compatible versions of the software applications before downloading and attempting to merge into PipeDesigner 3D

(NOTE: these files are large in size and may take a significant time to download over slow connections). For questions regarding installation of the libraries, click "Instructions"

  • Generic Industrial Fittings Library

    The generic industrial fittings library includes a massive array of pipe, fittings, outlet fittings, and flanges from a wide selection of materials.

    Generic Industrial Fittings Library includes:

    Carbon Steel

    Carbon Steel, Low Temperature

    Stainless Steel grades include:

      • 304/304L
      • 316/316L
      • 316H
      • 317/317L
      • 321
      • 347
      • AL6XN
      • Alloy 20
      • Duplex 2205

    Chrome Moly

      • 1-1/4 Chrome 1/2 Moly
      • 2-1/4 Chrome 1 Moly
      • 5 Chrome 1/2 Moly
      • 9 Chrome 1 Moly

    Nickel Alloys

      • Alloy 200 (Nickel)
      • Alloy 400 (Monel)
      • Alloy 600 (Inconel)
      • Alloy 800 (Incoloy)
      • Hastelloy C276


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  • Bonney Forge Library

    Bonney Forge Logo

    Backing by the most comprehensive product line in the industry and an extensive inventory that makes all our products readily available, Bonney Forge is the number one resource for the power, oil, chemical, marine, and construction industries through-out the world.


    Bonney Forge Library includes:

    Forged Steel, A105

    • Socket Weld & Threaded Fittings
    • 3000#, 6000#, & 9000# Class Ratings

    Stainless Steel, 304/304L & 316/316L

    • Socket Weld & Threaded Fittings
    • 3000#, 6000#, & 9000# Class Ratings
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  • Anvil Pipe Fittings Library

    Anvil Pipe Fittings Library

    Anvil's history stretches back to the mid 1800s, when a company named Grinnell began providing the finest quality pipe hangers and hardware, fittings, couplings, valves, nipples, flanges, and other products. Since 2000, these quality products and services - and the people who provide them - have been known as Anvil International. Anvil customers continue to receive the quality and integrity that have been building strong connections for more than 150 years.

    Manufacturer Library includes:

    • Forged Steel, A105
        • Socket Weld & Threaded Fittings
        • 3000# & 6000# Class Ratings
    • Cast Iron, A126
        • Threaded, 125# & 250# Class Ratings
        • Black & Galvanized Fittings
    • Malleable Iron, A197
        • Threaded, 150# & 300# Class Ratings
        • Black & Galvanized Fittings
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  • Ward Pipe Fittings Library

    Ward Pipe Fittings Library

    Since 1924 Ward continues to maintain a leadership position in the manufacturing and distribution of piping components utilized around the world. We are committed to our customers and continue to invest in machinery and people in order to maintain our position in the industry as a global leader. At Ward, we won't settle for anything less than being the best manufacturer of malleable iron fittings, cast iron fittings, and steel pipe nipples.

    Manufacturer Library includes:

    • Malleable Iron fitting products
    • 150# & 300# Classes
    • Black & Galvanized coatings
    • Conforms to ASTM A197

    Cast Iron fitting products

    • 125# & 250# Classes
    • Conforms to ASTM A126
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  • Aquatherm Library

    Aquatherm Library

    Our pipes and fittings are made from engineered PP-R, one of the longest lasting and most chemically inert piping materials in the world. Each part is designed from decades of expertise and manufactured to exacting international standards. Our endless drive for improvement and innovation has made us the world leader in PP-R pressure piping systems for potable, hydronic and greywater applications.

    Manufacturer Library includes:

    • Aquatherm Green, Blue, & Lilac
    • Polypropylene, F2389 pipe and fitting product line
    • Socket & Butt fusion
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  • Uponor PEX Library

    Uponor PEX Library

    Introduced more than a decade ago, Uponor ProPEX fittings remain the surest method for making watertight Uponor PEX-a connections fast and easy. Capitalizing on the unique, thermal shape memory of Uponor’s PEX-a tubing, Quick and Easy fittings actually get stronger over time. No need to worry about behind-the-wall connections: ProPEX joints will last the life of the building.

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  • Weldbend Library

    Weldbend Library

    For over 60 years, Weldbend has produced the highest quality domestically manufactured carbon steel fittings and flanges in the industry

    Manufacturer Library includes:

    Carbon Steel, A234 buttweld fitting product line

    • Various wall thicknesses

    Forged Steel, A105 flange product line

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  • Hackney Ladish Library

    Hackney Ladish Library

    Hackney Ladish, Inc. is one of the largest and most versatile fitting producers in the world. We either hot or cold-form WPB fittings in 2 facilities in the U.S. Ladish™ fittings, known around the world, is one of the most highly accepted and approved brands of high-yield fittings.

    Manufacturer Library includes:

    Buttweld Fitting product lines with the following materials:

    • Carbon Steel, A234-WPB
    • Various Chrome Moly grades
    • Various wall thicknesses

    Flange product lines with the following materials:

    • Varioius Chrome Moly grades
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  • Flowline Fittings Library

    Flowline Fittings Library

    Flowline is dedicated to customer satisfaction through continuous improvement to provide the highest quality and dependable service at competitive prices.  Success will promote corporate stability and growth to the benefit of our owner, suppliers, customers and employees.

    Manufacturer Library includes:

    Buttweld fitting product lines with the follow materials:

    •  Various grades of stainless steel including 304/304L
    •  Various Nickel Alloys
    • Duplex 2205, Alloy 20, & AL6XN
    • Various wall thicknesses 
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  • Elkhart XPress Library

    Elkhart XPress Library

    This free download is a manufacturer specific library for Elkhart to be utilized within the Trimble® PipeDesigner 3D® solution.

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