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Is it possible to save and move my customized MouseMenus to a different machine?

You can share MouseMenus from a Network or Stand-Alone installation of the software.

Network installation:

  1. Open Takeoff. Note: You must be in Audit Trail View TakeOff. If you are not in this view, go to the View menu and click Audit Trail View
  2. Click Tools / Customize MouseMenu Items
  3. Select the menu you wish to copy and then go to File / Export to Shared Master list. In the confirmation message, you can  select to lock the menu. Locking the menu precludes others from making changes to the menu on their Workstation. 
  4. On the other computer, open the Customize MouseMenu Items window
  5. Go to File / Import From Shared Master List
  6. In the Import Shared MouseMenu window, click the menu you wish to import and the click Import.


  1. Open Takeoff. Note: You must be in Audit Trail View TakeOff. If you are not in this view, go to the View menu and click Audit Trail View
  2. Go to File / Save to File. This creates a copy of the MouseMenu that can be imported on either a Standalone or a Network installation of the software. 
  3. To restore the file, from the Customize MouseMenu window, go to File / Restore from File
  4. Navigate to the location of the file and click OK to bring the menu into AutoBid Mechanical.