3D Modeling From Point Cloud Service

3D Modeling From Point Cloud Service

As an MEP contractor, you may have a received a 3D point cloud from your General Contractor for use in determining the project design/system impacts on an existing structure.  A point cloud itself can be simply a visual reference point for your detailing efforts—or the point cloud can serve as a starting point for your MEP system design/detailing efforts.  Trimble’s 3D Modeling from Point Cloud service allows your organization to focus on your current workload by offloading the heavy lifting of solids creation from point clouds to the Trimble MEP Services Team.

We don’t stop there.  Once the design is finished, we’ll send the scan solids and new MEP systems addition to the coordination software to make sure that there are no conflicts prior to prefabrication using Tekla BIMsite. The intelligent components maintain their data when opened in the BImsight coordination software and therefore remain invaluable for collaboration with project constituents.

Trimble RealWorks Scan DataTrimble RealWorks Cloud RenderingTrimble RealWorks Pipe Rendering

Trimble RealWorks Pipe Centerlines

PipeDesigner 3D Spool

3D Modeling From Point Cloud Service Deliverables:

  1. Registration of Point Clouds (as needed)
  2. Export Point Cloud to 3D model package for visual inspection against modeled components (as-built comparison to 3D model)
  3. Modeling the Point Cloud’s specific MEP components and exporting these solid objects to 2D CAD or 3D design package for finish detailing activities