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Trimble® ConstuctJob is the ultimate cloud-based construction project management software solution tailored for the MEP contractors needs.  Acting as a central resource for your project team, ConstructJob links with the Trimble Accubid Estimating Solutions - syncing bill of material cost data for easy creation of project logs and purchase orders.   Facilitating these connections in a collaborative cloud environment saves time by reducing re-work and minimizes costly data re-entry errors.

  • Overview
    • As an MEP contractor, you know that it’s a business' imperative to create, manage, track, and share project documentation with project partners in today’s more collaborative BIM environment.

      You can more effortlessly facilitate these connections using Trimble ConstructJob, a web-based project management solution.  ConstructJob acts as a central resource for the entire project. 

      Cost data and cost codes are imported from your estimating solution – no data reentry – and used to automatically create project logs and purchase orders, ensuring consistency and clarity as you track costs during a project.

      All of your project documentation from contact information and schedules, tasks and events to project logs and change orders is stored in a single location and available for access from all authorized project team members from any location with an Internet connection. 

      See how ConstructJob’s create, manage and share functionality can help you succeed in today' more collaborative environment. 

      "When project documents are scattered all over the place, information gets lost and time is wasted. A successfully managed project is the difference between making money and losing money" -Giovanni Marcelli, Accubid Systems Founder


      • Import estimate data


        Save time and effort and get off to a running start by using your estimate as the basis for your project. Transfer your bill of materials from your estimate* to ConstructJob. You can use your estimate data and cost codes for your cost tracking, and create a project log and purchase orders without re-entering information.

      • Collaborate with your team


        ConstructJob makes collaboration easy by letting your team view and update daily reports, project tasks and correspondence. By generating documents based on existing data – from material requests to PO’s, from RFI’s to change orders – your project will move forward with accuracy and in record time.

      • Manage project items


        Manage all your project items with ease and confidence – from start to finish. ConstructJob lets you see all documentation and correspondence related to each project and assign tasks based on that information. Check daily progress without having to chase anyone down. Field personnel can easily document problems and delays.

      • Share project information easily


        When tracking costs, contracts, submittals and change orders, the task can seem rather daunting if you don't have everything in one convenient location. With Trimble ConstructJob, your project documentation is stored in a single location but accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

  • Technical Specifications
    • Access Levels

      1. FULL ACCESS (access to the entire system)
      2. CUSTOM ACCESS (a customizable access per user)
      3. CORRESPONDENCE ACCESS: ( access to RFI’s, submittals, calendars, project log, meeting minutes, project tasks, memos, transmittals and rec’d files electronic filing cabinet)
      4. FIELD ACCESS: (access to daily reports, timecards and material management)
      5. VIEW ONLY ACCESS: (You can view the entire system, but you CANNOT create, edit or delete anything)
      6. ADMIN ONLY: (admin menu only – administrative rights)

      Minimum System Requirements

      • Operating System: Microsoft® Windows® XP or later 
      • Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 or later 
      • Internet connection: (DSL) preferably 1Mbps or higher
      • HTML formatted e-mail (supported by most e-mail systems)
      • 1024 by 768 minimum screen resolution