• Overview
    • Vulcan is THE bar setter for sheet metal CAM cutting software.  Dependable and intuitive, Vulcan features an auto-nest feature, a comprehensive library of duct components, and a simplified graphical interface that keeps your shop running at full speed, while minimizing waste.  Best of all, Vulcan integrates with Trimble DuctDesigner 3D & Trimble AutoBid SheetMetal for a seamless workflow from estimating to design and onto fabrication.

      Your cutting table drives your business—and cutting software drives your table.

      That’s why HVAC contractors and duct manufacturers worldwide rely on the Vulcan sheet metal cutting software to increase shop productivity, reduce waste, and improve their bottom line.

      For years, Vulcan has set the bar for cutting software with the best mix of innovation and usability. At the core of our success is the unique combination of powerful, intuitive technology.  Easy-to-use input screens let your operators enter duct and fittings quickly and accurately.  While the comprehensive fitting library includes thousands of fittings of all shapes and sizes for use in small residential projects to very large industrial applications while the automatic segmenting and shape nesting tools help drive efficiency.

      Streamlined import functionality improve workflows between design software such as Trimble Duct Designer® 3D and exports to your sheet metal estimating software Trimble AutoBid® SheetMetal.

      Additionally, it’s now easier to ensure you know when your HVAC fittings have left the shop and arrived at the job site with the Trimble Tracking for Vulcan app for iPhone®, and now also the Trimble Tracking for Vulcan app for Android. Utilizing barcodes generated by Vulcan to track the status of fittings, accessories, and components.  Pair your iPhone with a simple Bluetooth Scanner and track items and containers as they are staged, finished, loaded, shipped, and received, then quickly send the information from your iPhone is sent to and from the device via email.

  • Features
    • Features

      • Comprehensive Fitting Libraries

        Comprehensive Fitting Libraries

        Our fitting library covers everything from the smallest residential to the largest industrial applications.

      • Automatic & Manual Segmenting

        Automatic & Manual Segmenting

        Industry leading automatic and manual segmenting functions to break up oversized fittings.

      • Automatic Shape Nesting

        Automatic Shape Nesting

        Strong automatic shape nesting cuts material waste. Easily view any blank by the piece number, blank number or the cut order

      • Custom Labels

        Custom Labels

        Fully customizable colored coded labels with unlimited user flexibility. Add jobsite scoping information to reduce installation labor.

      • Reports


        Print from a list of standard reports or use the new Designer Reports feature to customize reports so that they meet your needs.

      • Parts Drawing Program

        Parts Drawing Program

        If you need a shape that we don't make as a preprogrammed fitting then draw it in our integrated draw program or down load it from Auto CAD as a DXF file.

      • Import from Trimble DuctDesigner3D and other CAD programs

        Quickly Import fittings from Trimble DuctDesigner 3D and other CAD programs to save input time in the shop.

      • Export from Vulcan to Trimble AutoBid SheetMetal

        Export Vulcan fittings to Trimble AutoBid SheetMetal to compare your constructed project against the original bid.

  • Technical Specifications
    • Workstation


      2.8 GHZ Intel® compatible processor
      4 GB RAM or greater
      100 GB free disk space
      DVD-RW drive

      Operating System*

      Windows® 8 Professional or
      Windows® 7 Professional

      Monitor †

      19-inch Monitor
      1024 X 768 resolution


      1 - Available Serial Port (for communicating with the cutting table via Companel)
      1 - Available USB Port for SafeNet® Sentinel Key
      2 - Available USB Ports (for printers)
             Report printer – Windows compatible
             Label printer – Windows compatible
      Note: Dot matrix printers are no longer supported



      2.8 GHZ Intel® compatible processor
      4 GB RAM or greater
      160 GB free disk space
      DVD-ROM drive

      Operating Systems*

      Windows Server 2008 (Service Pack 2) or
      Windows Server 2003 (Service Pack 2)


      1 - Available USB Port for SafeNet® Sentinel Key


      Not required, but recommended

      Wide Area Network

           1.5 Mbps or higher
           3.0 Mbps or higher when using VoIP§


      * The Vulcan Plasma Cutting System runs on both 32 and 64 bit systems.

      Windows XP Compatibility
      Beginning with the 2015 fourth-quarter release, Trimble will no longer support the Windows XP operating system for the Vulcan office software. This is in accordance with Microsoft ending support/updates, leaving your computer system vulnerable. Please click the link below for additional information.

           Note: Trimble will continue to support Windows XP Embedded for the Controller software.

      † Non Standard resolutions are not supported.

      § At least 50% of bandwidth must be dedicated to data.

      Hardware is constantly changing and improving, causing older technology to become obsolete. An investment in newer, more efficient technology will yield improved performance results.

      If your system does not meet the recommended specifications, you may experience considerably slower processing when working in the application.

      Systems that exceed the recommended specifications will provide better handling of database files and faster processing time, thereby increasing your productivity.

      For additional information, contact Trimble MEP Technical Support at (800) 234-3758.

      Click Here to Download a PDF copy of the Vulcan System Specifications.