Trimble - Transforming the way the world works.

CAD Integrations

  • Trimble® DuctDesigner 3D®
  • Autodesk® Fabrication CADmep™
  • SysQue®
  • EastCoast EC-CAD
  • ShopData™ Systems QuickDuct CAD
  • DrawTech
  • Bentley®
  • Trimble® Plancal nova

Cutting Tables

Trimble FabShop software works with numerous cutting tables, coil lines,water jets, and CAD/estimating programs. This versatility is often one of Trimble FabShop’s most important features, especially if you already have a fully operational shop and just want to change cutting software. Want to know if Trimble FabShop will work with what you own? See below.

  • All Lockformer
  • All Engel
  • Burny 1250
  • Cybermation (700a(V.2)) Cybermation (700a) Cybermation 2200
  • EastCoast
  • Hypertherm Edge
  • Hypertherm Edge (Single Sheet) Koike HYBRID D6-D11
  • Hypertherm Gemini 
  • Linatrol (most, not all) MG Burny 2.8
  • Ltec
  • MG Burny 3.0
  • MG System 80
  • MG System 80 (V.2)
  • MultiCAM File Output
  • PC-CNC G code File Output
  • Rasor