Trimble AutoBid Mechanical

  • Overview
    • Trimble® AutoBid® Mechanical is the go-to labor and material estimating software, ideal for commercial mechanical, piping, and plumbing contractors. Providing you with customized graphical take off tools, automatic fitting generation, and multiple industry standard labor books, you’ve never imagined a more efficient and accurate estimating tool.

      As a piping and plumbing estimator, you know what a challenge it can be to deliver accurate estimates in a timely manner.

      The Trimble® AutoBid® Mechanical solution speeds up takeoff and bid prep time, driving productivity and efficiency. Generate precise results you can trust—and have the time to fine-tune your proposal. Reduce the chance of errors by taking advantage of automatic fitting generation or even adjust for elevation changes. 

      The easy-to-use features let you instantly make changes, correct errors, process addenda, and create change orders. Want to compare materials or produce value engineering scenarios?  The tool's advanced analysis software lets you substitute materials and specs to prepare what-if scenarios and value engineer the optimal solution for you and your client.

      Also, take advantage of Trimble AutoBid Mechanical's customized TakeOff tools, automatic price updates on more than 50,000 different items, patented on-the-fly fitting algorithm, and labor books containing MCAA and PHCC labor units—just a few of the many powerful features designed to help you develop competitive piping and plumbing bids.

      An estimate is only as good as the data in your estimating system, working with material pricing from Trade Service or other pricing services, Trimble AutoBid Mechanical ensures you have the most up to date pricing from today’s manufacturers—giving you confidence in your numbers.

      The power of a good estimate—and estimating system—goes beyond the proposal. That’s why Trimble AutoBid Mechanical software includes a powerful data export wizard and seamless integration with Trimble's 3D CAD software.

  • Features & Benefits
    • Automatic On-the-Fly Fitting Generation

      As you take off a pipe on a bid sheet, Trimble AutoBid® Mechanical automatically inserts the correct fittings and hangers per your specifications - no wrong fittings, no omissions, no mistakes.

      For pipes that turn 90 degrees, just touch the corner and continue down the run - GTO will do the rest.

      GTO (Graphical TakeOff)

      GTO speeds up the take off process and provides a detailed visual summary of TakeOff status, while creating an audit trail of connected real-world items (not just a quantity list of unconnected pipe and fittings).

      On-Screen View TakeOff

      Harness all the power of GTO on your screen. Import drawings into AutoBid and display them on-screen to perform takeoff directly from electronic drawings. No digitizer table needed and no more bulky paper drawings.  

      Assembly Generator and Library

      Got a list of items you take off repeatedly? Easily select any group of items (including other assemblies) and convert them to an assembly. Use them in your current bid or save it to your library.

      Easy Insertion and Deletion

      Because GTO displays and color codes every system in your plan, inserting and deleting items is easy and fast - just click on the graphic and insert the item. Because every item taken off is a generic entity defined by your chosen specification, you can easily adapt to change by modifying the specification after takeoff to instantly apply accurate global changes to your estimate without having to re-do takeoff.

      Accurate Hanger and Attachment Counts

      The Trimble AutoBid® Mechanical software calculates the most accurate hangers in the marketplace - competing systems just make an inaccurate guess based on total system length. Because the Trimble AutoBid Mechanical application knows what pieces of pipe and fittings are connected, users will get hangers at changes in directions and at user-defined spacing based on pipe size. Attachments based on structure are also correctly picked up based on structure and vertical members and on elevation. 

      Automatic Joint Configuration

      GTO automatically joins two pieces of dissimilar pipe or end types. Correct fittings, joint counts and consumables for the connector are automatically inserted - accurately and consistently. 

      Automatic Pricing Updates

      With more than 50,000 different database items, trying to maintain pricing would be a full-time job. We've taken care of that by partnering with three leading national pricing services - Harrison Publishing House, Ferguson, and Allpriser - to provide automatic price updates.

      Automatic Correction Factors

      Easily adjust your labor - across a project or on a specific item - to address additional labor requirements. 

      Comprehensive Databases

      GTO is shipped with a comprehensive database includes MCAA and PHCC labor units. Tweak your labor units, modify your costs, and start bidding.

      Comprehensive Reporting

      See the data your way with flexible reporting capabilities. Choose from a variety of predefined report formats or create your own Microsoft® Excel®-based reports. 

      Rapid Reports

      The innovative Rapid Reports pivot table allows you to view your estimate by more than 10 categories, allowing for up to 1,320 different data combinations. The Excel data can also be used to export to third party software or to develop your own final estimate spreadsheet. 

      Labor Adjustment Worksheet 

      You've taken the job off, but is that really how you'll bid it? Use the Labor Adjustment Worksheet to look at the project your way (by scopes or material specs) and then easily adjust the labor without modifying takeoff. 

      Value Engineering

      Quickly make changes to your specifications to generate value engineering options. Change piping specs including material types, joint types, or fittings; valve types; and insulation to create cost-savings proposals for your clients. 

      Global Search & Replace

      Mistakes happen, and clients change their minds. With flexible search & replace functionality, you can quickly change everything from item settings to scale to material types on an entire drawing or select pieces.

      User-Defined Scopes

      This powerful tool allows you to break out your project any way you want with user-definable scope fields such as floor, area, or which pieces of equipment items are attached to. You can then filter TakeOff by your scope fields to generate focused reports or create alternates.

  • Technical Specifications
    • Workstation


      2.8 GHZ Intel compatible processor
      4 GB RAM or greater
      20 GB free disk space
      DVD-RW drive

      Operating System*

      Windows® 8.1 Professional
      Windows® 8 Professional
      Windows® 7 Professional


      Microsoft® Excel® Professional 2007 or newer
      Trimble® Quick Link (included with the AutoBid software)

      Monitor †

      1280 X 1024 resolution
      Windows Custom DPI Setting of 96 pixels (Windows default)


      Smart Menu™ by GTCO (optional)



      2.6 GHZ Intel compatible processor
      8 GB RAM or greater
      20 GB free disk space
      DVD-ROM drive

      Operating Systems*

      Windows Server 2012 R2
      Windows Server 2012
      Windows Server 2008 R2 (Service Pack 2)


      Wide Area Network

      1.5 Mbps or higher
      3.0 Mbps or higher when using VoIP§

      * AutoBid runs on 64-bit systems, but does not provide native 64-bit support.

      † Non Standard resolutions (for example, some laptops) are not supported.

      § At least 50% of bandwidth must be dedicated to data.

      Hardware is constantly changing and improving, causing older technology to become obsolete. An investment in newer, more efficient technology will yield improved performance results.

      If your system does not meet the recommended specifications, you may experience considerably slower processing when working in the application.

      Systems that exceed the recommended specifications will provide better handling of database files and faster processing time, thereby increasing your productivity.

      For additional information, contact Trimble MEP Technical Support at (800)234-3758.

      Click Here to Download a PDF copy of the Trimble AutoBid Mechanical System Specifications.