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Feature BidWinner Plus Pro
Specification-driven takeoff
Assign takeoff attributes (full functionality)  
Assign takeoff attributes (Hangers, Joint, Insulation only)  
# of Takeoff breakdowns 5 7
Labor adjustment in breakdowns
Copy and paste between jobs  
Takeoff attributes icons display in the Audit Trail
Labor Factoring viewable in Audit Trail  
Audit Trail filtering by attribute  
Filter by multi breakdowns within a breakdown category  
Show overall field labor factor on audit trail rows  
Designations with incidentals  
Designations without incidentals  
Assign sort codes to designations
Assign takeoff pad to Designation folders for quick creation
Vendor pricing import from Microsoft® Excel®
Pivot Extension data  
Support for job specific discount groups
What-if scenarios using Modified column on Final Pricing screen  
Alternate bid summaries
Shop Labor screen  
Labor Factoring screen  
Labor Escalation screen  
Rate Expires field on labor screens  
Equipment screen
Bid Breakdown screen  
Export out to user-defined Microsoft® Excel® Templates
Assign User Security levels
Multiple users in a single job at the same time  
Control if labor factors are compounding or additive  
Generate a Report Centre report within an estimating job