A winner of the 2013 Constructech Top 50 Products Award, Trimble® Accubid Enterprise is a server-based, spec-driven estimating platform for electrical, industrial mechanical, and ICT contractors.  As a multi-user platform, harness the power of the rich assembly and material databases that help you to eliminate redundancy and reduce errors for faster, more accurate estimates.

  • Overview
    • Every estimator looks for consistency in details, data and processes to develop and adjust the most accurate, complete bids. So shouldn’t your estimating software follow the same workflow?

      Trimble® Accubid Enterprise uses logical business rules to emulate and optimize the project lifecycle from bid to completion. The solution makes it easy to develop bids with the specifications, assemblies and item libraries. Or take advantage of the intuitive and customizable takeoff pad. Once complete, project managers can use your bid data to quantify changes using the same methodology.

      Trimble Accubid Enterprise's innovative centralized database is especially valuable to large contractors who want to leverage multi-user access capabilities.

      Based on standardized systems and specifications, Trimble Accubid Enterprise incorporates a flexible framework for faster, more accurate pricing of bids and subsequent change orders. It’s an estimating solution that will reduce redundancy and chance of errors while positioning you and your firm to win bids and meet profit margins. 


      • Specification Driven Database

        Trimble Accubid Enterprise includes specifications, assemblies and item libraries. The specifications library holds key item property information including material description, attributes, and manufacturer. Flexibility reduces redundancy while providing detail and accuracy without sacrificing speed.

      • Live Extensions and Calculation - with Pivot!

        With the intuitive and customizable takeoff pad, click to graphic shortcuts and quickly select items and assemblies for takeoff.

      • Intelligent Assemblies

        Size and spec-driven assemblies buts the overall number of assemblies required in a bid, eliminating redundancy and reducing errors.

  • Electrical Contractors
    • As an electrical or ICT contractor involved in mid to large projects, the Trimble Accubid Enterprise estimating solution has unique features to accomodate the specific needs of these trades.

      Take-Off Pads

      • More Graphic Take-off
      • Faster, and More Accurate Take-off
      • Lends well to touch screen
      • Shortcuts to Database content.
      • (parts and pieces can be selected easily – not hunting through the database)
      • Shorter learning curve

      Item library (Database) Depth/Coverage

      • Less work on the front end for the contractor
      • The database contains an extensive compilation of material unmatched in the industry for both commercial and industrial applications.
      • Multiple manufacturer support


  • Mechanical Contractors
    • As an industrial mechanical estimator you need a software that works with your business, Trimble Accubid Enterprise features workflows and databases specific to your needs.

      John S. Page Laboring method and correction factors option

      The John S. Page labor units enable you to labor by the joint method. Additionally, we also have applied the applicable material multiplier factor to each and every item.

      Complete commercial and industrial database

      No need to worry about whether you have the right assemblies and parts, our database will help you hit the ground running and keep on moving.

      Calculate Variables in the formulas of parts and assemblies

      You often have questions about the different variables on an estimate our software allows you to work through those variables through powerful quantification formulas.

      Create an entire estimate without exporting to a spreadsheet

      Eliminate errors working in Enterprise, no need to worry about an accidental key punch error when transferring numbers or cell formulas mysteriously no longer working.  Additionally, if there are changes needed in your estimate there is no need to run reports again to export out of Enterprise, simply make the change on your take off.

      Job Specific Discount Groups

      Adjust your discounts easily with our Discount Multiplier function, the one-to-many relationship eliminates the need to obtain pricing on each and every item in the takeoff.

      Quick method of adjusting net cost on groups of items

      Saves time on bid day

  • Technical Specifications
    • Product Comparison

      Feature BidWinner Plus Pro


      Specification-driven takeoff
      Assign takeoff attributes (full functionality)  
      Assign takeoff attributes (Hangers, Joint, Insulation only)  
      # of Takeoff breakdowns 5 7
      Labor adjustment in breakdowns
      Copy and paste between jobs  
      Takeoff attributes icons display in the Audit Trail
      Labor Factoring viewable in Audit Trail  
      Audit Trail filtering by attribute  
      Filter by multi breakdowns within a breakdown category  
      Show overall field labor factor on audit trail rows  


      Designations with incidentals  
      Designations without incidentals  
      Assign sort codes to designations
      Assign takeoff pad to Designation folders for quick creation


      Vendor pricing import from Microsoft® Excel®
      Pivot Extension data  
      Support for job specific discount groups


      What-if scenarios using Modified column on Final Pricing screen  
      Alternate bid summaries
      Shop Labor screen  
      Labor Factoring screen  
      Labor Escalation screen  
      Rate Expires field on labor screens  
      Equipment screen
      Bid Breakdown screen  
      Export out to user-defined Microsoft® Excel® Templates


      Assign User Security levels  •
      Multiple users in a single job at the same time    •
      Control if labor factors are compounding or additive  
      Generate a Report Centre report within an estimating job  

      Minimum System Requirements

      • 2 GHz single core chip for the client
      • 4 GB RAM
      • 8 GB Disk space
      • 1024 x 768 Screen resolution
      • Windows® 7 (except Home Edition), 8, 8.1 or 10
      • A web browser

      Server* / Stand-alone requires:

      • 2 GHz dual core chip
      • 8 GB RAM
      • 8 GB Disk space
      • 1024 x 768 Screen resolution
      • Windows® 7 (except Home Edition), 8, 8.1 or 10
      • A web browser

      * Up to six client connection./ This will increase as you increase the number of clients in use with this server. Please contact our support for recommendations should you need to exceed six clients.