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Feature Accubid Classic Pro BidWinner Plus BidWinner
Database Items 40,000 40,000 40,000
Database Assemblies 12,650 11,120 8,200
Specialized Takeoff Types 14 8 4
Takeoff Breakdowns 6 6 4
Extension Level Breakdowns 16 16 14
Temporary Item Takeoff
Copy and Paste Takeoffs
Print Preview
Job Info Screen
Factor Labor According to Bid Item
Typical Takeoffs
Item Substitution in Takeoffs
Temporary Assembly Takeoff
Assembly Substitution in Takeoffs
Labor Codes and Cost Codes
Indirect Labor Screen
Filter Extension
Hot Lists  
Adjust Labor by Takeoff Breakdown  
Multiple Bids  
Power Substitution    
Copy and Paste Between Jobs    
Job Merge for Multiple Users    
Labor Escalation and Financing    
Labor Factoring in Bid Summary    
Double Column Bid Summary    
Bid Breakdown Schedules