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Trimble® PipeDesigner 3D® is the ultimate detailing software for mechanical, piping and plumbing contractors.  Featuring the ability to auto-route for a single line, IFC export for project model coordination, and field point export to the Trimble Field Link for MEP construction layout solution.  Trimble PipeDesigner 3D is the single detailing solution for the mechanical contractor familiar with the AutoCAD platform.

  • Overview
    • You know that the development of detailed and accurate HVAC, piping and plumbing 3D models requires a clear understanding of the design to fabrication to installation process.  An advanced 3D detailing solution can make the entire workflow easier and more intuitive.

      Trimble® PipeDesigner 3D® incorporates today’s most advanced features including intelligent data editing, automatic layering and smart toolsets to quickly populate 3D models and drive standardization. Parametric modeling tools let you easily draw specialty equipment such as vessels, tanks and pumps.  To further support a more efficient drawing creation, Trimble PipeDesigner 3D includes an extensive database with over 36,000 items with representation from 34 manufacturers.

      But, drawing detail models is only one aspect of the job.  BIM and 3D fabrication software brings another layer of demands within a project.  That’s why Trimble PipeDesigner 3D incorporates some of the industry’s most advanced interoperable connections.  Your design data is supported in the IFC export to Tekla® BIMsight.  You can also export the drawing or parts of the drawing to Trimble AutoBid Mechanical for pricing reports. Ready for installation? Automatically insert hanger point locations within your detail design, export pipe route points or place and export Field Points in CAD for use by Trimble Field Link for MEP or Trimble MEP.

  • Features & Benefits
    • Features

      • Field Point Wizards

        Field Point Wizards

        Automatically insert hanger point locations, export pipe route points or use our commands to quickly place and export Field Points in CAD for use by Trimble Field Link for MEP or Trimble® MEP. These points can be used with the model within Trimble Field Link for MEP or Trimble® MEP to lay out the system on the job site.

      • Automatically insert hanger blocks

        Automatically insert hanger blocks

        The hanger block insertion tool allows you to use custom hanger blocks and will quickly place the blocks at hanger point locations along the pipe run.

      • ntuitive Data Editor

        Intuitive Data Editor

        Easily manage your fitting graphics with dimensions display, ribbon controls, constraints with error and customizable layout through our intuitive data editor

      • Auto routing

        Auto routing

        Use the router line to create single line route for horizontal, vertical or sloped systems. The AutoRoute program will fill the router line with your current spec and size to generate 3D pipe and fittings. Easily reroute to change pipe to a different spec or copy the route and fill each line with a different spec for rack piping systems.

      • Automatic Flanges

        Automatic Flanges

        Using connection rules and a spec driven setup, connecting to flanged components or cutting in flanged fittings to an existing run of pipe will cause flanges, welds and gaskets to be inserted as well.

      • Spool Manager

        Spool Manager

        Easily define and create spools using specific naming sequencers, templates and BOM settings.

      • Bill of Materials

        Bill of Materials

        The bill of material can be customized prior to placing it in the spool, but can also be exported to CSV.

      • Intelligent data is stored with each fitting

        Intelligent data is stored with each fitting

        Using our Trimble PipeDesigner 3D query tool, quickly view the properties of any fitting. The data is also supported in the IFC export to Tekla® Structures and Tekla® BIMsight.

      • Annotations


        Our text entities are flexible enough to allow the CAD operator to use standard AutoCAD commands like move, erase or rotate to modify them. The text can be erased without erasing the pipe. Additionally, you can annotate sloped pipe by BOP, CL or TOP at any point on the sloped run. Label types include elevation, component name, size, system, fitting number, line number and spool number.

      • Parametric equipment program

        Parametric equipment program

        Easily draw Vessels, Tanks, Pumps, Separators, Steel, Blowers and Exhausters

      Automatic Layering

      By managing the layer setup within the Trimble PipeDesigner 3D Data Editor, the fittings, welds, insulation, text ,etc. are all put onto the proper layer which minimizes the time managing such items and ensures company and project standardization within the modeling process

      Export to Trimble AutoBid® Mechanical

      Quickly export the drawing or parts of the drawing to Trimble AutoBid® Mechanical for pricing reports.

      Supports 64 bit installations

      Fully supported on 64 bit operating systems

  • Technical Specifications
    • Workstation

      PipeDesigner 3D CAD


      2.8 GHZ Intel® Core™ i7 compatible processor with Hyper-Threading 
      8 GB RAM or greater 
      50 GB free disk space for installation 
      DVD-RW drive

      Operating System**

      Windows® 10 Professional 64-bit (with AutoCAD 2016 SP1)
      Windows® 8.1 Professional 64-bit
      Windows® 7 Professional 64-bit

      Video Card*

      Autodesk® - certified graphics hardware


      Dual 21-inch 1600 X 1050 resolution


      PipeDesigner 3D Data Editor


      2.4 GHZ Intel® Xeon® compatible processor
      8 GB RAM or greater 
      25 GB free disk space for installation 
      DVD-ROM drive

      Operating Systems**

      Windows Server 2012 R2
      Windows Server 2012
      Windows Server 2008 R2 (Service Pack 2)


      800 X 600 resolution 
      256 colors


      Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or higher

      *Information is available in the AutoCAD 2016 Features on the Autodesk Web site.

      ** PipeDesigner 3D supports only 64-bit Windows Operating Systems.

      † When using an existing installation of Microsoft SQL Server.

      Trimble software applications require that your operating system is current with the latest Windows® updates.

      • Hardware is constantly changing and improving, causing older technology to become obsolete. An investment in newer, more efficient technology will yield improved performance results.
      • If your system does not meet the recommended specifications, you may experience considerably slower processing when working in the application.
      • Systems that exceed the recommended specifications will provide better handling of database files and faster processing time, thereby increasing your productivity.

      Click here to download a PDF copy of these specifications