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The Trimble® AllTrak™ Tool Management System is the one tool tracking system designed specifically to help contractors and tool crib managers track construction asset usage and reduce loss.

  • Overview
    • Trimble AllTrak is a professional tool and asset management system that now incorporates RFID technology. With it you will experience the benefits of a highly efficient asset management system.

      Managing, tracking and maintaining your physical assets is difficult and poor and ineffective asset management has a dramatic effect on profits and margins. The good news is Trimble AllTrak provides contractors with the solution they need to know: where their tools are, who is responsible for them, when they should be returned, and when they need to be serviced. This information allows contractors to easily calculate return on investment and reduce the costs of asset loss through theft or misplacement.

      Some of the benefits of using Trimble AllTrak include the ability to:

      • Centralize and simplify management of equipment and tools
      • Track asset locations and employee responsibility
      • Manage asset service and maintenance schedules
      • Reduce tool loss

      Trimble AllTrak is a scalable solution that can meet the needs of your business today and grow with your business as your needs and challenges change.

      Trimble AllTrak leverages the wireless connectivity, barcode, and now RFID scanning capabilities of the rugged Trimble Nomad controller. Tool crib managers can perform essential tool and asset transactions such as check-in, check-out, transfers and additions from anywhere. RFID tagged assets simplify and speed up the process of executing asset transactions in the field, even when the asset tag is not visible.

      Trimble AllTrak helps you manage your tool inventory so you know exactly:

      • Where your tools are currently being used
      • Who your tools are assigned to
      • What is available in your warehouse
      • Where tools are stored in the warehouse
      • When tools are scheduled to be returned to the warehouse
      • What tool services are pending
  • Features
    • Multiple Locations

      Manage assets from multiple inventory locations to multiple job sites, vehicles and employees

      Barcode tracking

      Simplifies, reduces errors and speeds up the process of transferring assets between locations

      RFID tracking

      Simplifies and speeds up the process of executing asset transactions

      Time based charges

      Enables tools & assets to be billed at a varying rate (hourly, daily, weekly and monthly) based on how long the asset is at the location

      Consumable Alert

      Notifies specified employee(s) when consumable material inventory levels drop below minimum levels, so stock can be replenished

      Service Alert

      Notifies specified employee(s) when an asset has a pending service that needs to be performed

      Certification Alert

      Notifies specified employee(s)when an employee certification is about to expire, so they can be sure to get it renewed

      Rental Asset Alert

      Notifies specified employee(s)when rented equipment is scheduled to be returned to the rental company to avoid unnecessary charges

      Expected Back Alert

      Notifies specified employee(s)when assets are past due their expected date of return to inventory

      Custom Views

      Enables users to save multiple custom view filters in order quickly find and view the asset information they want


      Enables users to reserve assets in inventory up to 1 week prior to checking it out to a location


      Enables contractors to manage the schedule of highly sought after equipment

      AllTrak Mobile

      Enables users to manage asset transfers, check-in, and check-out from remote locations


      Enables contractors to scan assets at a location to generate a report the informs them as to what is missing and what is present that they were expecting to be somewhere else

      Email alerts

      Enables users to email specified employee(s) when action is needed on an asset they are responsible for (service pending, rental asset due, asset expected back, consumable material level is low)

      Location Status report

      Reports what assets have been on or are still at a location and the location's charges for those assets during a user specified time period

  • Technical Specifications


      • 2.2 GHZ Intel® Quad Core compatible processor
      • 4 GB RAM or greater
      • 5 GB free disk space for installation
      • DVD-RW drive

      Operating System**

      • Windows® 7 Professional, or Windows XP® Professional (Service Pack 3)


      • 19-inch 
      • 1280 X 1024 resolution  

      * Non Standard resolutions (for example, some laptops) are not supported.


      • Open Serial Port or USB Port (for scanner)



      • 2.2 GHZ Intel® Quad Core compatible processor
      • 4 GB RAM or greater
      • 5 GB free disk space for installation
      • DVD-ROM drive

      Operating Systems**

      • Windows Server 2003 (Service Pack 2) or Windows Server 2008 (Service Pack 2)


      • 800 X 600 resolution 
      • 256 colors

      ** Trimble® AllTrak™ supports 32-bit and 64-bit. A 32-bit operating system can only handle up to 4 GB of RAM.

      Hardware is constantly changing and improving, causing older technology to become obsolete. An investment in newer, more efficient technology will more than pay for itself in improved performance results.

      If your system does not meet the recommended specifications, you may experience considerably slower processing when working in the application.

      Systems that exceed the recommended specifications will provide better handling of database files and faster processing time, thereby significantly increasing your productivity.

      For additional information, contact Trimble MEP Technical Support at (800)441-2840.