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Innovation in Estimating, Part 2 – Strut Clamps

In my last article – Innovation in Estimating - I promised to show how to add strut clamps to your “Automatics” option for Auto Hangers in Trimble Accubid Enterprise. The point was to create a trapeze path calculating the quantity of parts, cost, and labor. All you had to do was trace the path in Trimble Accubid LiveCount or enter the linear footage of the path using the center line of the parallel pipe runs.

Once the trapeze path is taken off and all the parts added to your takeoff, you can scale off the pipe adding automatic hangers. The problem is that strut clamps are not in the list of available, “Hangers”.

There are four main steps to set Trimble Accubid Enterprise up so you can use the specification to point to the correct strut clamp item and have it quantified.

  1. Create a new sub-folder in the “Hangers” folder
  2. Cut or copy the “Clamps” items and paste them into the new “Strut Clamps” folder
  3. Add the new “Strut Clamps” folder to the list of Global Parts in the “Pipe” folder
  4. Add “Strut Clamps” to specifications as an optional Hanger so they are available in Takeoff Attributes on the Takeoff screen


Figure 1: New Folder
Figure 1: New Folder



  1. The best way I found to do this is to create a new sub-folder in the “Hangers” folder called “Strut Clamps”.
  2. Remember to add the identical attributes to the folder so there is no issue moving the items.
  3. You will need to decide if you want to cut or copy the item from the original folder.


I would cut them and delete the old folder to avoid creating duplications in the database.

Figure 2: Folder Properties
Figure 2: Folder Properties



  1. In the original “Clamps” folder, copy all the items (select the rows using the left margin.)
  2. Select the cut or copy option.
  3. Paste the clipboard on the new “Strut Clamp” folder you created.


Figure 3: Folder Properties
Figure 3: Folder Properties


  1. Open the Global Parts option for the second “Pipe” Folder.
    Global Parts
  2. On the next available row, select the new folder.
  3. Copy and paste the quantity formula from the previous item.
  4. Edit the referenced folder name in the formula to “Strut Clamps”. (Or match the name you chose.)
  5. Open the size reference information and enter “A1” as the formula to use to size the strut clamps base on attribute 1 of the pipe item used in takeoff.


Figure 4: Finished Item
Figure 4: Finished Item



  1. In a chosen specification, use the Add/Remove Folders to select the Strut Clamps folder.
  2. Select the size range and specific product you want included in your takeoff.


Figure 5

Now you can select “Strut Clamps” as an option for Auto Hangers in Takeoff.

Strut Clamps

When you combine the power of the trapeze path and the ability to take off the correct fasteners automatically, you have a great time saver.

Next article will show another assembly that will take off the parallel runs, all at the same time.