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The Trimble® Accubid Enterprise Manager software training - virtual course affords participants an opportunity to learn the basic features and functions of Trimble® Accubid Enterprise Manager.

Course Details

Class Setting: Virtual Classroon

Course Prerequisites: Trimble Accubid Enterprise Estimating software experience

Who Should Attend: Chief Estimators, Junior Estimators, Senior Estimators, Operational Management

The learning objectives focus on equipping participants with the knowledge and skills to effectively use this application in their workplaces. 

The mode of instruction features an instructor-led virtual learning experience that effectively combines demonstrations with hands-on practical exercises to reinforce learning. The class is delivered in 3 – 2hour sessions.

Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of the training, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the three areas of Enterprise Manager (Database, Application and Security Managers)
  • Create and modify specifications.
  • Create and modify items and assemblies.
  • Perform power searches and updates.
  • Create and modify onscreen takeoff pads

Training Modules

Session 1Hide

Session 1

Module 1 – Enterprise Manager Overview

  • Overview of Enterprise Manager

Module 2 - Database Manager – Working with Items

  • Item folder and properties
  • Creating new items
  • Item attributes

Module 3 – Database Manager – Working with Assemblies

  • Assembly folder structure
  • Creating and editing assemblies
Session 2Show

Session 2

Module 4 – Power Search and Update

  • Performing power search and update
  • Creating and storing queries

Module 5 – Application Manager – Alert Rules

  • Defining alert rules

Module 6 – Application Manager – Takeoff Pads

  • Creating and editing takeoff pads
  • Customizing takeoff pads
Session 3Show

Session 3

Module 7 – Application Manager – Working with Specifications

  • Defining and modifying specifications

Module 8 – Application Manager – Companies

  • Create and edit companies

Module 9 – Application Manager – My Company

  • Editing My Company information

Module 10 – Application Manager – Global Settings

  • Editing Global Settings

Module 11 – Security Manager

  • Overview of Security Manager