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  1. This session explores steps necessary to getting started in the. The topics covered include the database, default jobs, and job folders.This video applies to the following products:Trimble Accubid Bidwinner Classic EstimatingTrimble Acccubid Powerbid Classic Estimating
  2. The first screen that users encounter when launching the program will be the Schedule Screen. This screen contains information an estimator may find useful. This session examines the features of that screen.
  3. This session takes viewers through the steps to creating a new job and demonstrates the features of the Job Info and Notes screens.
  4. The place where most of the action takes place is found here in the Takeoff screen. This session examines the Takeoff screen through topics of workflow and takeoff breakdown.
  5. This session demonstrates material takeoff using the item database, common assembly and temporary takeoff modes.
  6. The Extension screen is where the bill of materials accumulated at takeoff is priced and labored. In addition to the calculation of these values, users can perform further analysis through the filtering and grouping of the materials. This session demonstrates these functions.
  7. The audit trail area is the third area of the Takeoff screen and provides a permanent record of takeoffs performed. This session demonstrates the functions available in this area.
  8. This session takes us through the functions of the General Expenses, Subcontractors and Quoted Materials screens.
  9. The Final Pricing screen is where the total cost of material and labor along with applied overhead and markup can be applied to arrive at a selling price. The Price Summary screen provides a condensed summary of the values in the Final Pricing screen. This session demonstrates the features from both these screens.